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The January 2017 Tradewind Times is now on-line


Hello Parrot Heads!
Hope all are surviving the weather this winter….  Can’t wait for Spring!
The latest edition of the PHIP Tradewind Times quarterly newsletter is now on line for you to share with your clubs and club members! Thanks to all that provided inputs and thanks to the clubs that posted or sent information so their club could be included in the Domino College Deans List.  I know that you are all out there doing great things, but it is good to share with others – who knows?  You might have an idea that others can use or another club did something that will work great for an event you want to plan.
Read President Kathy Pfister’s advice for club leaders and meet the new PHIP board members.  Read about what we did at MOTM 2016 and registration for MOTM 2017.   PHIP Scholarship contest for 2017 is now open.
To find the newsletter you can go to the link at: TradewindTimes0117
Or you can always go to the PHIP website at then go to the Club/Chapter Info section and scroll down on the left side then select the Tradewind Times.
Thanks and hope to see you at a Parrot Head Club event down the road!
Sally Spenny
Editor, PHIP Tradewind Times

PHiP Scholarship Essay Contest


Hello Club Leaders: 
It’s that time of year again for the PHiP Scholarship Essay Contest.  Please pass this information along to your club members.  You can cut and paste this email and include it in your email you send out to your members.   This is the only way that your members will know of this great opportunity and we need you as leaders to make sure that this information gets out to each and every one of them.  This is a wonderful opportunity for your members and their families.  Please forward this email to you club at least once a month for the next three months in your clubs communications.  This is  a great opportunity that we want all eligible students to take advantage of.  Thanks in advance for helping to get the word out and good luck to all the applicants.

We are proud to announce that the PHiP Scholarship Essay Contest for 2017 is NOW OPEN!!!!!!

Summary of the PHiP Scholarship:

The PHiP Scholarship is for current Parrot Head Club Members of an officially Chartered Chapter or their children or wards of Parrot Head Club Members, for post secondary education.

This program was established in 2008.  Three scholarships will be awarded in 2017. The funds may be used for tuition, books or living expenses, at an accredited four-year university or college of the student’s choice.  The award will be paid to the winners’ school account, when a student account is established.

PHiP awards 3 awards in the amounts of:

First Place: $5,000
Second Place: $3,000
Third Place: $2,000Eligibility: Parrot Head Club Members and members children (Sorry nieces, nephews or other extended family members beyond those mentioned are not considered eligible)The Scholarship instructions and application can be found on the PHiP Website at:

It is VERY important the applicant follow ALL of the rules and instructions. Only typed, electronic submissions will be accepted. Incomplete applications will not be considered eligible.Make no references to your identity, your local parrot head club or your location in your essay entry OR your question and statement responses.

All applications must be signed at the appropriate place. We accept electronic signatures.

To Apply:  Complete the Parrot Head Scholarship Application found on the PHiP website at Please email your completed application and essay to:
David Cohen
PHiP Secretary

DEADLINE FOR APPLICANTS is MARCH 31st, 2017, for enrollment for fall term (summer terms not applicable). Students may apply yearly; the awards will be given annually, based on a new application process.Good Luck to all applicants!

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Hello Everyone! Happy Holidays! It is time to let you know that Meeting of the Minds 2017 registration is open! The Casa Marina is also now ready to take your reservation for Meeting of the Minds 2017!! But hurry on the reservations as the hotel sold out in three weeks last year!

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The 25th Annual Meeting of the Minds September Update

Hello Parrot Heads! Happy Labor Day! Can you believe registration closes in 10 days for Meeting of the Minds 2016? The excitement is building as soon we will be in Key West! The event will be here in no time! Don’t get left out! Register NOW!
The 25th Annual Meeting of the Minds
If we reach 3,500 registered prior to September 15th registration WILL be shut down! DO NOT GET LEFT OUT! We are going to have an AWESOME crowd in Key West this year and the event is going to ROCK! Please note mail-in registration was shut down on September 1 and the only way to register is online at this point. Continue reading The 25th Annual Meeting of the Minds September Update

The 25th Annual Meeting of the Minds August Update

The 25th Annual Meeting of the Minds 2016 August Update!

Hello Parrot Heads! The registrations are flying in, the volunteer positions are mostly sold out, and MOTM registration closes in 35 days! Don’t get left out! Register NOW!
Volunteer status and Meeting of the Minds      
I was sitting on the beach in Key West last night on vacation thinking about all the volunteers that work at Meeting of the Minds to make it the event that it is. Every day of the year I get updates via email and phone calls telling me about all the things that our hard working volunteers are doing to make this event happen. I constantly read about how the clubs of this great organization raise money that collectively amount to millions of dollars and millions of volunteer hours. This is an amazing community to be a part of and Meeting of the Minds is the event that celebrates our success as an organization. If you can make it to MOTM you should come on down and feel the spirit of this special group of people and musicians in 2016. At this point most of our volunteer positions have been slammed to the point we had to close the registration for them. There is only one slot left and we could use your help if you want to volunteer. We need help for the raffle on Saturday from noon to 3:00 PM. If you want to volunteer this would be a place that would really help get everyone raffle tickets at the last minute before our raffle closes. If you want to volunteer for this slot please email Rick Fyffe directly at  Everything else is covered! Not only do we have a crowd coming that are volunteers before they get here…YOU all volunteer to make MOTM happen. Thank you all. This event is yours and it will be awesome!

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Get Your Own Piece of Margaritaville Memorabilia and Support Lone Palm Foundation at the Same Time!

13686629_1625034507807883_692532409289696195_nSubmitted for Sara Kessler, Director of Finance for Lone Palm Foundation:

Most Parrot Heads were saddened last year when it was announced the iconic Margaritaville New Orleans Restaurant was closing its doors.  Although it was a bittersweet goodbye, there’s a silver lining within this story. The nice folks at Margaritaville contacted us and offered to donate several items that were used within the restaurant.  We jumped on the offer to grab up some great Buffett memorabilia and want to share this opportunity with all our Parrot Head community.  So if you’d like to snag your very own piece of the now closed NOLA Margaritaville, read on for details below.
The items being sold include tables, chairs, barstools, and various plates all used in the restaurant.  As such, they may have some imperfections but are all in good condition.  The money raised from the sale of all NOLA Margaritaville items will benefit the Lone Palm Foundation (LPF), which is the official charitable organization of PHIP.  LPF is a 501c3 registered non-profit with the goal of supporting Parrot Heads and the social and environmental needs and concerns within their communities.  The LPF has set up a “Parrot Head Emergency Phund” with the purpose of providing financial assistance to Parrot Heads in need during a natural disaster. For more information on the Lone Palm Foundation, please visit our website at
Currently, the items are located in two places: Oklahoma City, OK and Johnson City, TN.  The first round of items we will be selling will all be located in Oklahoma City.  There will be another sale of all the Johnson City items at a later date TBD.  Please keep this in mind as some of the items are rather large, and heavy, and costly to ship. You will be responsible for coordinating shipping or pickup of any items you purchase.  If you live closer to Johnson City, you may want to consider waiting for those items to go on sale.
All items have been set up to view in a Dropbox folder.  You may view the items by using the following link: As you are looking at items you would like to purchase, I would recommend having one to two alternatives in the event your first choice is not available.
The sale will begin Saturday, July 30th at 11:00 am CST.  At that time, you will need to send an email to myself, Sara Kessler, the Director of Finance for the Lone Palm Foundation, at  Please title the email “NOLA OKC Sale” and in the body of the email state your name, Parrot Head club you belong to, and phone number where you would like me to contact you.  I will then begin calling each person based on a first come, first serve basis until all items are sold.  After that point, I will respond to any emails explaining there are no more items available for sale.  Please note, any emails sent prior to 11:00 am CST will not be answered.
The pricing for the items are as follows:
Tables: $150.00
Chairs: $50.00
Barstools: $75.00
Dinner Plates: 2 for $34.00 (includes shipping)
Small Platters (Three styles available): 2 for $34.00 (includes shipping)
Large (Shark Fin divided) platter:  1 for $50.00 (includes shipping)
If you have any questions, please send an email to me directly at
Sara Kessler
Director of Finance
Lone Palm Foundation
Submitted by:
Kathy Pfister
Parrot Heads in Paradise President
Lone Palm Foundation Board Member