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President’s Notes, January 2019

Get ready, get set, let’s go! We’re off and running and looking forward to our new year of 2019 and all it has in store for us! 2018 was awesome and we couldn’t have had the success we had without all of you! Thanks to the time you donated and to your gracious generosity, we made a significant change in many lives! Thanks also to the generosity of our many sponsors for their continued support with our events throughout the year.

Our Phlock has many great things coming in this new year and you won’t want to miss any of them. Pay close attention to the Newsletter, our Website and Facebook to keep up with all we have scheduled for you! It all starts at 7p.m., at our Friday, February 1, Phlocking, held at the E-Club, Emerald Isle, NC. If you are currently a member, we’ll be glad to see you. If you are not and want to become a member, we’ll be just as glad to see you and sign you up! There’s a membership table on location or join on-line at our website Look for me and I’ll show you around! Jan H.

President’s Notes, December 2018

Cheers to the passing of 2018! Another chapter is written in our “Book of Parrot Head Tales.” Exciting stories include monthly phlockings, St. Patty’s Day Celebration, Disc Golf Tournament, Land and Sea clean ups, and Island and Beach parties. Then there’s wild accountings of a daring Diva Walk, a hot chili cookoff, the building of a hippie bus, and an Island Santa Bar Crawl. But the best 2018 stories were those of many helping hands, strong working heroes, outstanding sacrifices, major giving and encouraging support for those affected by Flo! Yes folks, this has been one “well” of a year, full of wonder and mystery, calamity and joy. We have all written these stories together!

It’s now time to look forward to a new chapter waiting to be written. Let’s plan on 2019 being fantastically amazing. Come live, love, laugh, sing, dance, dream, play, give, smile and work with us at EIPHC! You can be an important part of what we do. Register for membership on line or sign up at our next phlocking on Friday, January 4, and help us write the next chapter as “we party with a purpose.” Jan Hicks

President’s Notes, November 2018

By now you know that EIPHC’s float didn’t make it to the parade since there was no parade. Lots of hours of labor and love were shared while crafting this baby! Even in its beginning stages, we knew we had a winner! The bright colorful shapes and letters on its sassy frame display love, hope, happiness and whacky Christmas phun! No way we could lose! Still wanting to share it, our float remains intact and is ready to make a grand appearance at the upcoming Island Santa Bar Crawl on Saturday, December 8. Don’t miss it!  And, a “special thanks” goes to the many volunteers who offered their valuable time and extraordinary talents for over two months on this labor of love! YOU ROCK!

Listen up, it’s the perfect time for you to finish out 2018 with a big bang! On December 7 we’ll phlock at the Emerald Club for our annual Christmas party. Be sure to wear red or green or you’ll get Grinched! If you’re not a member yet, you can join at the party. Also, you can register there for the first ever Island Santa Bar Crawl to be held the following day, December 8! Visit our website for details on these and other events!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Holiday while celebrating with family and friends and here’s wishing you a safe and Very Merry Christmas! Hope to see you on December 7th and again on the 8th as we “Party with a Purpose!” Jan Hicks

President’s Notes, October 2018

“The Good Side of Life”
We have all been tested this year with life’s many struggles, and among these, the devastation of Flo! Sometimes life dishes out a bunch of “lousy limes,” and we wonder how to get back to “margaritas!” Yeah, there is a bad side to life.

Jimmy says, “it takes no more time to see the good side of life than to see the bad.” This is so true and is evidenced by the events held by Emerald Isle Parrot Head Club. The success of our club is truly founded upon the attitudes of our members and their common desire to make this world a better place than how we found it! Looking at the good side of life is the way we roll!

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am thankful for many things, and EIPHC is on my list! It offers me warm and happy surroundings and opportunities to do great things. So, like me, if you’re looking for the “Good Side of Life,” come join us at our next phlocking on Friday, November 2, and get yourself involved in our future events. You’ll love spending time laughing, living and working with this bunch of crazy folks as “we party with a purpose.” Happy Thanksgiving! Jan Hicks

EIPHC President’s Notes, September 2018

ONE LOVE!!! Last night I attended a post hurricane celebration at the Emerald Club where I listened to one of my favorite bands, Spare Change, and ate my favorite meal, BBQ! I chatted, laughed, danced, sang, and hugged and kissed my sweet family and dear friends, old and new! It was great to see everyone safe, truly happy, and allowing themselves to enjoy life in the aftermath of Flo.

As I looked across the crowd, I spotted many who I knew suffered from loss of property, emotional stress, financial loss, and even displacement. I also saw those who worked tirelessly to support, cleanup, rebuild, cook, serve meals, and provide kindness and nurturing to those in need. Some who suffered from losses themselves reached out and served others less fortunate from the storm. Every person with whom I spoke was “thankful” regardless of their situation! What a beautiful sight to witness them all, still tired and worn-out, “get together and feel alright.”

Many of you Parrot Heads have been affected one way or the other from Flo and have served or been served with love from each other ! Stay strong and know that nothing is forever and “this too shall pass!” With ONE LOVE we will work together to restore and rebuild our community back to a safe and beautiful place to live, laugh and play as we continue to “Party with a Purpose.” Jan H.

EIPHC President’s Notes, August 2018

I wondered what Parrot Heads and Parrots might have in common other than Jimmy Buffet! After a little research, I discovered that parrots scream, sometimes bite and they’re messy! They are very social creatures and mostly live in flocks. Parrots communicate with others in the flock with vocalizations and by shaking their tail feathers. They can come in multiple colors, greens, reds, yellows, blues, orange, even a combination of all of them.

There you have it! Can you see the similarities in the EIPHC PHlock? We are loud, persistent, and occasionally bite off more than we can chew, and we are known to be messy! We’re about as social as you can get and love to PHlock. We speak the same language when our diverse and colorful group come together to work and play. Lastly, shaking the tail PHeathers is our PHavorite pastime! Okay, so we’re not perfect! But, we sure are beautiful! We have accomplished so many goals throughout these 16 years. Our talent and strength as a PHlock make us unstoppable. Thank you all for being a part of the magic we spin!

New birds are encouraged and welcomed to join the EIPHC PHlock. Please visit our website at and sign up online or look for our membership table at the next PHlocking, Friday, September 7, 2018. Be sure to check out our calendar for more events and join us as we “Party with a Purpose!” Jan


James and Cris thank all of you who volunteered and participated in the Pelican Island Parrot Head Party yesterday. It was a blast from the beginning until the end (ended a bit early due to approaching thunder storms). Everyone played together “come rain or shine” and some funny stories will be shared. Again, the Parrot Heads proved to be amazingly determined to have a great time anywhere, anytime! Real Fruitcakes!

We have attempted to list all who volunteered, but if you are not listed, just know that you are appreciated as always for making this happen. Here we go…thanks to Carol, Richard, Jimi, Nicole, Bobbi, Jeanne, Jason, Steve, Val, Leonard, Gary, Donna, Jan, Kathy, Matt and and both Joshes for clearing and cleaning the island, purchasing and preparing the food, grilling the meat, gathering and disbursing the waivers, running the shuttles, providing the games and prizes, digging holes and setting up tents, loading and unloading the boats, and saving the DJ from the rain (a big one)! Special thanks to DJ Robbie for his great tunes and tropical attitude! PHINS UP!!!