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The October 2019 Edition of the Tradewind Times is now online!


The fourth Quarter 2019 Tradewind Times edition is now available on line and ready for reading and sharing!  In this issue you’ll find some important information about the 28th Meeting of the Minds – “License to Chill”.  There’s information for the on-site registration this year, the specials at the Casa Marina, and service projects.  Also the PHIP scheduled meetings for members and leaders while in Key West, plus the upcoming PHIP Annual Renewal.

There is an special early preview of some auction items that will be after the General Membership Meeting and another way to raise money for the Lone Palm Foundation.  There’s an update on the 2019 PHIP National Alzheimer’s Walk Team and participating clubs, the quarterly financial reports, Domino College, regional events and club birthdays.  So please share this email with your club members!

To access the newsletter go to this link:

Or you can always find the newsletter by going to the PHIP website at then click on Club/Chapter Info then scroll down on the left side to select the Tradewind Times.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way!  Keep those posts and emails coming about how Parrot Heads “Party with a Purpose”!!  There are so many clubs and members out there doing great things!

Fall is here, we’ve had a cold front come in, and it is almost time to head down to the party at the end of the road!

Hope to see some of you at MOTM in Key West really soon!


Sally Spenny.

Editor, Tradewind Times

President’s Notes September 2019

Hey Y’all! Hope you are having a phine time of year where we’re still having phun in the sun! I want to share with you my recent adventure to Myrtle Beach. A few of us EIPHC members visited the Throw Back Shell Party . It’s amazing when you can visit other clubs and experience so much in common and enjoy such a great time together. Eleven states were represented with 275 crazy parrot heads attending We loved mingling around the pool with pholks just like us who know how to party with a purpose! We made new phriends, took lots of pictures and contributed to the silent auction, the raffle, and donations! That’s how we roll! They raised lots of money for their charity and enjoyed doing it! Next year, we’ll plan to do this again with you!

That being said, we are all in it to win it! There’s no other organization like this one! Never was, never will be! Don’t you want to be a part of this? If so, come to the next phlocking on Friday October 4, at the E-Club or visit us at and become a member. Let’s “Party with a Purpose!.” See you soon, Jan


The latest update for PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds 2019!



Hello Everyone!  PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds 2019 is barely a month away and here is some more information as we approach the event!
I want to explain why the music is starting so early on Saturday morning this year. A few short months ago I made a required change to the entertainment schedule for Thursday and Saturday that switched some artists around due to changing tour and show schedules. A couple of bands were moved from Thursday to Saturday. No one was dropped from the schedule but both days were tweaked a bit! The bonus of all of this was we get the Mac McAnally show on Thursday night and Mac also has told me to let you know that he will be joining Peter with most of teh Coral Reefers on Friday night for part of his special set! The Friday night set will be something you simply must see with all of the things that are going into it!

All this said the schedule adjustments moved the music to start at 08:00 AM on Saturday. Jim Hoehn starts the day out at 8:00 AM followed by Johnny Russler and his Beach Bum Band at 09:00 AM. I know this is early but to fit everyone in I backed the schedule up to keep everyone in place on the line-up. I want to first of all thank everyone for being understanding about the situation and I am also getting ready to tell you why YOU want to be there! We want to draw a crowd for a long-time Meeting of the Minds favorite and a band that many people are super excited about seeing back at PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds.

Here is what we are going to do for YOU when you pack the beach for these awesome artists! The Casa Marina team has agreed to deliver $5 bloody Marys, $5 mimosas on the beach, a special $6 bacon and egg sandwich on the beach, $3 muffins on the beach from 07:00 – 12:00 noon on Saturday! Yes…we will have the $3 Land Sharks and $5 margaritas flowing for the whole event as well as tons of food specials!  This is awesome Key West drink pricing and it is ONLY during this event for our group!

Now pace yourselves as we have music from 8:00 AM to 11:30 PM on Saturday! Be sure to come on out and sit in your beach chairs and ease into the day!  We want to show these guys playing early some real love!There are some other things stirring for Saturday morning support as well to start the day but the details are still being worked out! I just wanted to get this out to you now so you can start your planning to join us for our Saturday morning PARTY ON THE BEACH to start another amazing day at PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds!

One more time…Don’t forget your beach chairs! If you are flying drop by the stores on Duval to pick up something comfortable to sit in…This one is appropriately called “License to Chill!”

More news to follow so standby….there are still things in the works for this year. I was just on the phone again this afternoon…

That’s all for now!  Until next time I’ll see you, down the road.

Andrew Talbert
Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc.
PHiP Director of Conventions
PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds
Board member of the Lone Palm Foundation 


PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds Announces On Site Registration in Key West!




Hello everyone! Registration for PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds 2019 is CLOSED as of September 15th! Orders are headed to vendors and t-shirts are being printed for the event! Soon we will be in KEY WEST for an awesome event!
I want to tell you that registration was very good this year but we are not at a sell-out which means
We are already getting tons of email about Parrot Heads missing regular registration for various reasons and new people wanting to come to PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds this year! Well we do not want to leave YOU out and we always try to do what we can to help if possible.
First you MUST be a Parrot Head Club member to attend MOTM. You know we verify EVERY club member who attends every year. This is an IRS requirement.
When we are in Key West we DO NOT have the ability to verify your membership. Come to the registration area and fill out the special “Meeting of the Minds 2019 On-Site Registration / Virtual Club Membership form”Please DO NOT join the Virtual Club before showing up to register on-site as we will not be able to confirm your membership in Key West at the event.
We will have forms for you…Fill out the registration form in Key West, the registration cost is $90.00, the Virtual Club membership cost is $30.00, and the late fee is $30.00.
You will not get a free event t-shirt or gift bag when you on-site register. Remember we had to order that stuff in mid-September and you missed the deadline. Late Registration? $30.00 fee. Why? Because we want you to register before the deadline so we can prepare everything for you in advance. We don’t want you to register late…this is only to help people who have a situation that did not allow a regular registration during the year.
So, the cost to attend MOTM via late registration is $150.00 on-siteYou will walk away with a personalized credential and wristband that allows you to attend all events at the Casa Marina!!
Remember there is no free event shirt or gift bag with on-site registration but you are then ready to join your PHriends and see the show!!
If you want to register on site be sure to show up during regular registration hours as there are NO exceptions to these hours. We have an awesome registration crew that are all-volunteer and they need to enjoy MOTM too! On-site registration is during the normal registration hours of Thursday 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Friday 9:00 AM to noon, as well as 6:00 PM, and Saturday from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM. Remember you will be registering up front at the Casa Marina in the ballroom to the left of the main lobby door. No one will be able to enter the Casa Marina without a credential and wristband during PHiP’s MOTM when registration starts on Thursday.
$150.00 cash or credit card will be accepted for registration on-site during the hours listed above.
Once again, after you register you will have everything you need to attend the entire event, enjoy discounts at Margaritaville Key West, and enjoy a membership in the Virtual Parrot Head Club for the balance of 2019.
There are no exceptions to this process as this is just to help folks who need to use this method of registration. See you in Key West!
Andrew Talbert
Director of Conventions
Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc
PHiP’s “License to Chill” 2019
Key West, Florida
Member of the Lone Palm Board of Directors




9/10/19 – First of all, thanks to all of you who have donated items, money and volunteer time in support of our efforts to help the victims of our recent storm. As always, we can count on you to jump in with both feet running.
As you know, there are ever-changing conditions and needs on Ocracoke. The Market at Cedar Point has asked that you view their Facebook page for updated lists of items needed. Do not bring clothes, water, etc., to the Drop Off Point as they are no longer being collected. Mary will post later today on their Facebook Page the new updated list which is in addition to their posted list yesterday. She indicated that she will keep everyone up to date as much as possible and to stay tuned. Please view these lists on the Facebook Page, The Market at Cedar Point. She will be open every day and if no one is there, she has instructed us to leave the items on the covered porch of The Market.

In addition, I have attached an excerpt from a newspaper article found from Ocracoke’s community newspaper “The Ocracoke Observer.”
Ocracoke post-Dorian day four (Sept. 9, 2019) has specific needs post Hurricane Dorian.
We set up an email for this purpose and please respond as to your availability to supply any of these items. That email is and please be patient. Someone will respond as soon as possible.
Please respond as to your availability to supply these items but do not purchase them until you’ve heard back from us with an OK. We will get back to you as to how to get them here.
Although the needs list is large, right now the following are specific critical Ocracoke needs:
Floor squeegees
Flashlights, including headlamps, and batteries of all sizes
Tupperware-type plastic containers
Totes—medium and large
Battery-powered fans
Commercial floor fans
Propane cookstoves
Extension cords
Carpet knives, nail pullers
Tyvek suits
Boot socks
5-W-30 oil for generators—lots of it.
Mops, rakes, shovels, hammers
Chain saws

Also, EIPHC Board has voted to contribute cash, from the amount of funds we now have on hand, and will be making a considerable contribution later to Ocracoke and the Bahamas. More news on that later! Stay safe everyone. Hope to see you soon and thank you again for all that you do and continue to do! Jan H. Pres.

President’s Notes August 2019

WHO ARE WE? Of course, we are fans of Jimmy Buffett, singer, songwriter, author and businessman. But, being a Parrot Head is so much more. It’s a state of mind! Age has nothing to do with it. We love the lifestyle, the party, the ocean, the sunshine, and a relaxed sense of freedom. It allows us to express our feelings and creativity, in whatever manner we choose, to escape from life’s rat race into our own little tropical paradise, if only for a little while.

WE ARE EVERYWHERE! You probably know a few of us and don’t even realize it. Parrot Heads are business owners, doctors, sales reps, lawyers, bankers, police officers, college students, bartenders, musicians, carpenters, grandparents, and maybe even your neighbor. We come from all walks of life! Through our common interests, we come together to support causes in every area of our surrounding communities.

AND, WE OFFER GREAT BENEFITS! The Emerald Isle Parrot Head Club and all parrot head clubs are open to anyone with the tropical spirit and the desire to contribute positively to the betterment of their little corner of the world. Our events offer us opportunities to “Party with a Purpose” among old and new friends! Visit our website at to learn more and become a part of this PHUN group! See you soon! Jan Hicks

President’s Notes July 2019

17th Anniversary, Alive and Well!

While some of you reading this article were young children when this club began in 2002, others of you were here getting it started! Imagine how different we and the surrounding areas would be without it…no charity events and fundraisers, no area cleanups, no phlockings, and no new parrot head friends! Need I say more? It’s easy to see the importance of keeping the Parrot Head Nation and EIPHC active and strong for generations to come.

We are way beyond just partying together!  We reap the benefits of having young and old (oldish) birds working together to form a strong force with common goals that benefit everyone! Like Jimmy, we love flip flops, the ocean, our walks in the sand, soaking up the sun and breathing the salty air.  We all realize life is good and meant to be appreciated.  We take responsibility for the welfare of the beautiful people and treasures surrounding us and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve them! Come join us this weekend at the E-Club for our Friday Phlocking on 8/2 at 7 pm and Anniversary Party on Sunday 8/4 at l pm and raise your glass as we continue to “pass the torch” and “party with a purpose!” Together let’s reminisce about the past as we look forward to the future! Jan Hicks

YOUR PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds “License to Chill” Update!



2019 MEETING OF THE MINDS!! There are only 67 Days Left to Register!
Hello Parrot Heads! Here is the current update for PHiP’s 28th Annual Meeting of the Minds 2019 “License to Chill in Key West, Florida. Don’t delay in registering for PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds! Why? You have 67 days left and then registration is CLOSED.
If you live in Florida or anywhere else for that matter and don’t want to drive down just ease over to Fort Meyers and park your car! You can be in Key West in no time for all the PHun in Key West! If you haven’t heard of the Key West Express you have now!
This is a great deal! And….here is another REASON TO REGISTER NOW FOR PHiP’S MEETING OF THE MINDS…Registration closes on September 15 or when we reach 3,500 registered Parrot Heads so everyone who registers for the event prior to August 15 will get put into a drawing for TWO ROUND TRIP TICKETS ABOARD THE KEY WEST EXPRESS FOR PHiP’s MEETING OF THE MINDS 2019! More to come on drawings…the sponsor “treasure chest” is growing by the day. Here is your booking link for the “Parrot Head” rate of $125 ROUND TRIP to Key West for PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds 2019! YOU HAVE TO USE THE BOOKING LINK TO GET THIS VERY SPECIAL RATE!

Continue reading YOUR PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds “License to Chill” Update!