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President’s Notes, September 2021

“Fallin’ for Fall!”

It’s time to fall in love with Fall all over again! Watching my favorite football teams, indulging in pumpkin spice lattes, snuggling up under my blankets with a good book,  and enjoying crisp walks and bike rides are just a few of my favorites. What does your list look like? Get inspired by being productive and  listing the things you look forward to this Autumn! While you’re at it, be sure to add to your list our October, November, and December monthly PHlockings held at the E-Club, beginning at 7 pm, on the first Friday of every month! We are always looking for new Parrot Heads and would love meeting you!

In addition, visit our website frequently! Although the monthly newsletter is emailed to members, there are times it can be easily missed or may get lost. The EIPHC website and calendar are updated routinely to include the “latest and greatest” news and events. Our Facebook page is another great source for information regarding EIPHC.

As we look forward to our future, we again say “Thank You” for hanging in here during this pandemic and helping us continue to be one of the largest Parrot Head Clubs and the best Parrot Head Club in the world! Every day brings us another opportunity to “Party with a Purpose” Y’all! Jan H., President


President’s Notes August 2021

We are facing a time that is full of  chaos and confusion. We send prayers to all who are in peril from events taking place all over the world.  Through this,  we’ll stay strong, stay positive and remain hopeful for a brighter day, a better time, and a new beginning.

This morning, while on my porch, the sun rose in its majestic beauty , a gentle breeze played against my face, a tiny green hummingbird happily zoomed by, and my hibiscus showed off its 4 giant ruby red blossoms.  Each of these things validated for me that even in hard times, Life is Good.

Likewise, EIPHC will strive to make our events and surroundings as good as they can be through the times we have together.  It starts Labor Day weekend with Rick Lamb and The Phin Addicts.  We are fortunate to have Rick and his talented and seasoned group of musicians come and spend time with us! They have entertained Parrot Head groups and Trop Rock fans from coast to coast and internationally since 2007.  Scott Nickerson, a life long musician and founder of the Atlanta Parrot Head Club, as well as the non-profit organization, Parrot Heads in Paradise, is also joining Rick as a member of the band!  We are guaranteed an outstanding trop rock experience! “Life is Good” when you Party with a Purpose! Visit our website for details at  Fins up ya’ll, Jan H. President

The latest edition of the PHIP Newsletter is now online!!!

Good morning Parrot Heads,

The latest edition of the PHIP Tradewind Times is now on the website.  You can go to this link:  to view it.  Or you can always go to the PHIP website, and click on the Chapters section and scroll down and select the Tradewind Times.

In this issue:  Rob Hill presents the full musical schedule for Meeting of the Minds, a Texan laments the lack of Buffett concerts in his home state this year and ponders what if Buffett had moved to Texas in the 1970s. (It isn’t as far fetched as you think), we have everything you need to know about the three upcoming club contests, and we provide links to a dozen upcoming club events.

President’s Notes July 2021


A big whopping “Thank You” and “Couldn’t do it without you” goes to our valued volunteers! This note is dedicated directly to YOU.  The EIPHC Board each year spends endless hours planning and working to make our dreams come true.  All members on the Board take their jobs seriously and represent the backbone of this club!

Big Birds are amazing as they plan and manage the monthly Phlockings. Some Big Birds become famous for strategically organizing our marvelous yearly events. Now, take a moment to think about those serving on committees, peddling T-shirts and raffle tickets, soliciting for donations and sponsors, working with vendors, providing and distributing media, developing and maintaining technical support, registering participants, being card sharks and Santa helpers, making floats, cleaning up highways and community projects and the list goes on and on and on!

Please keep this “Thank You Note” in mind as you attend our events. When you see volunteers doing their thing, stop and thank them. Let them know that we appreciate their smiles, enthusiasm. and hard work! Ask them how you can become a volunteer too! Even with no pay, it’s a great job!

I’ll see you guys Friday, August 6, at our Phlocking to celebrate the 19th year anniversary of EIPHC and then again Saturday, August 7, at our 17th Beach Bike Poker Run! Can’t wait! Visit our website for details. Fins Up! Jan H. President




Good Morning and happy Wednesday!

Just a quick reminder that we are getting a LOT of social media up and running to include twitter, instagram,and a YouTube Channel!
If you are already on Facebook or plan to join in the phun….look for our FB pages!  We actually have 4. But they have different purposes and this helps to keep any page from getting bogged down or information lost in the shuffle!   Enjoy!
PHIP, Inc.:  This page is for all things from your Board and about the happenings in our PH community.
PHIP’S Meeting of the Minds:  This one is of course for all things Meeting of the Minds!
Parrot Heads in Paradise Squawk Box:  This page is for parrothead phun and chatter, sharing phun stuff, pictures, trivia, questions, and more….just to be social
PHiP Parrothead Club Events and Trop Rock shows: this one is to promote and provide information about your club events, activities, musical performances, live shows, virtual shows, etc.


Fins Up!

Billy Brehm

President, PHiP, Inc.
President,Chicago Parrothead Club

President’s Notes May 2021

What is a Parrot Head and why be one? When you hear the word Parrot Head, do you automatically think of Jimmy Buffett and his fans? Sure you do, but there is so much more to it than attending a concert or listening to his songs with a Margarita in your hand!

Over several decades, Parrot Heads have grown to tens of thousands of pholks, established individual clubs all over the world and discovered phun places to phlock! They symbolize a love of the lifestyle that Buffett sings about and a desire to kick back whenever and wherever possible with good music, good phriends, and good drinks! Newcomers are welcome, even if they have limited knowledge of Jimmy Buffett’s music! It is well known that Parrot Heads make strangers into phriends!

They are also known for their parties, but they work hard too, in the form of community service, charitable contributions, and many other phun yet community-based projects. Even though they are laid back and usually enjoy a drink, they are also environmentally and culturally aware and do their best to give back to society! Because of their strength in numbers and generosity, they donate thousands of dollars and manpower hours every year!

There’s much more to learn about Parrot Heads and the best way to learn is to be one! Come join us at our June 4 Phlocking at the E-Club at 7pm and learn for yourself how to “Party with a Purpose!” See you there! Jan H, President

$592 donated from May 7, “Back to the 80’s” Phlocking. See our overall results!

We are having phun and “tearing it up” this month with our walks, phlocking, and individual donations. Here is screen shot taken from  We encourage our phellow parrot head clubs to join us in this fight against Alzheimer’s and together let’s make this the best year ever for donations! Thank you EIPHC for your continued support! Here’s to you! 


President’s Notes April 2021


Listening to Jimmy’s music always makes me happier because his attitude toward love and life are positive. His thoughts are filled with “visions of good times that brought so much pleasure… dreams of the ocean and islands…and sailin’ again!  He believes “It takes no more time to see the good side of life than the bad.”

How’s your attitude today? What dwells in your mind? Did you choose to fill it with the good things in life? Are you showing a cheerful heart by your actions?  I read somewhere that your smiles and hugs won’t ever get you far unless you have a good attitude to go with them! The Parrot Head life follows Buffett’s style and chooses to look at the bright side of life. As we party with a purpose, we  work together to support a wide range of charities, promote involvement in community activities and have PHun visiting our old PHriends and making new ones. We strive to make this world a better place now and for our future!

Here are a few tips on “changes in attitudes.” Be thankful, treat yourself to something special every day, avoid drama, crack more jokes, listen to your favorite music, and join the Emerald Isle Parrot Head Club at You can also join if you come out and rock with us at the May 7 PHlocking, celebrating the 80’s, beginning at 7 p.m. at the E-Club, Emerald Isle, NC! Be sure to look for me, I’ll be looking for you! Fins up! Jan H, President