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34 NORTH is presenting a fundraiser for E-Club/34 North Tap Room  at the new outdoor drive inn concert featuring DJ ROUSE OF BB&B, THE MIGHTY SAINTS OF SOUL, AND JIM QUICK & THE COASTLINE BAND starting at 5 pm. Gates open at 4 pm. $15 per person or $50 for truck/carload of 6 (Cash Only).  Moore’s BBQ trailer will be on site.  We suggest that parrot heads show up and show off with decorated vehicles and  tropical/parrot head clothing, etc.  You get the picture.  While it’s not a Buffett Concert, it may be the next best thing!


IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN,  SAT., SEPT. 19,  11AM, E-CLUB PARKING LOT!!! Our phriend, Jean Jensen, is back and he’s ready for our help picking up litter and whatever else shows up as trash on our stretch of Hwy 58.  So let’s get to work and do our best to make this a fast and easy project to beautify our community. Jean has the tools, bags and gloves but you may also bring your own if you prefer.  Thanks phlock!  Let’s see how many bags we can gather!




President’s Notes August 2020

Greetings! Here we are at the end of August and remain in a “holding pattern!”  Since March,  we have cancelled all in-person events, meetings and phlockings, except for our two beach cleanup events which had limited attendance. Although the DIVA Walk remains on the calendar in October, it depends on the state of the Pandemic at that time as to how it will be held and if it can be held.  Same thing goes for the Santa Crawl in December.  Our float plans are scratched and that about sums it up to date.

Question: Is there something brighter on the horizon?

Answer: We’re working on it! The Board is meeting  in September. We’ll be searching ways that our members can come together to support our local charities, business owners and musicians, while continuing to put health and safety first.  As you know, social distancing is not an easy thing for Parrot Heads! Our plans will be based on existing safety guidelines, members’ comfort levels and choices while still maintaining club activity. News and events will continue to be announced in your Newsletter and posted on social media and email. Please bear with us phriends while we continue to wait out this storm. We will “Party with a Purpose” again! Phins up! Jan H



Come make this phlocking spectacular!!  Along with the beach cleanup, other phun things are in the works, such as music, new member specials, T-shirts($15), etc.  Bring your own chair and gloves. Trash bags and trash pickup sticks will be available.  Together we can getter done!  Let’s keep our beautiful beach beautiful.

We encourage everyone to continue to make every effort to follow safety guidelines to keep us all healthy and happy as we move through this crazy time. Social distancing and being considerate of everyone’s space is important but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a great time anyway! Come only if you feel comfortable in this setting.  If not, we’ll catch ya later my pheathered phriend!



Let’s practice what the Parrott Heads preach this month. We are going to Party with a Purpose on Friday June 5 at 7:00 pm! Let’s make Jimmy Buffet proud of us and our commitment to giving back to our community. Wear your favorite Parrott Head or shirt if you have one, so we are easily identifiable and meet us on the beach at the Bogue Inlet Pier for a Beach Sweep. The Parrott Heads are going to help clean up the beach while hanging out together. We will respect the Covid 19 Guidelines while we socialize because we’ll have plenty of room to spread out on the beach. Grab your mask, some gloves, a few friends, a chair or blanket and cooler of beer and let’s come together for the good of the community. We have missed everyone and hope you will join us at this unique Phlocking!

While we’re at it, stop by the E Club and purchase your beer for the beach from Matt. He’ll even give you free ice! We can show him some LOVE too! We also plan to debut the new 2020 Parrott Head T-shirts! Bring some extra cash, cause you’re going to love them!!

President’s Notes May 2020

We Have a Lot to Drink About!” Things are beginning to reopen around us, too slow for some and too fast for others. Our reaction will be what we deem the best for ourselves, families and community. Our club experienced many cancellations, postponements, and the hardship of not being together! We’ve had to settle with being in the chicken coup rather than flying with the PHlock! Well, it’s time to “breathe in, breathe out, and move on.”

The Board is in the process of scheduling some really PHun events to help us continue serving our community and surrounding PHriends during these hard times. We are all in this together and we look forward to your support. Bring us your enthusiasm, tropical spirit, desire to help others, love for your environment, and most of all, your willingness to hang in here with us as we move through unfamiliar waters. Let’s all look forward to our future and sail these open seas together!

You will hear more soon, beginning with our monthly newsletter and through our website and Facebook! Hopefully, you will find one or more events in which you feel comfortable and safe to join us. Remember, you decide! If you are not yet a member of this special club and all the benefits that come with it, join us online at We are here for you through it all as we “Party with a Purpose.” Jan Hicks, Pres.

May 1st Virtual Phlocking 7:00pm

Who knows, but we are counting on May to be the month we start seeing each other again, of course using social distancing! We all miss our phriends and phlockings, so join us for our Virtual May Phlocking and Happy Hour on Friday, May 1 at 7:00 pm on Zoom. Grab a drink and your best May attire because we are celebrating all things MAY! Choose what you want to celebrate, whether its May Day, Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, Kentucky Derby, or Memorial Day. Grab your craziest hat or costume and join the Phun! Donna is dreaming and scheming a way for us to have phun during our virtual phlocking and is giving us all a “License to Chill!” SEE THE EIPHC MAY NEWSLETTER FOR EASY INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO JOIN! Looking forward to seeing you!

President’s Notes April 2020

Wow, what a beautiful day in the neighborhood! I’m ready to get out there and work in the yard, take a walk, sit in the sun with some beach tunes playing and later grilling some hamburgers. This is good stuff ya’ll!

As you already know, it’s better to look at what we CAN DO, rather than what we CAN’T! You guys prove it every day with numerous photos shared in the media reflecting your creativity and hope. I enjoy your sharing of new recipes, freshly coated paint jobs, gardens just planted, walkers on trails and beaches and much more. We enjoy each other through FaceTime, emails, the media, social distancing, virtual meetings and more! Clearly, we are making the best of this mess and know that we’ll be together again. And, when we do find that day, we’ll appreciate everything and everybody so much more! Even though we are apart, we will remain strong and united as a Parrot Head Nation and together we will rock no matter who we are or where we’re from! PHINZ UP and STAY SAFE! Jan H., Pres.