September 2014 Newsletter update

We say the same thing every year about this time.  We all had a busy summer despite the rain and postponement of the Annual Sand Bar/Island Party and as you can see on the What’s Up pages, there are lots of thing happening in September.  The Parrot Heads have 2 major events plus the PHlocking but there are so many community events happening as well and they are all looking for our Parrot Head help.  You see, we have earned such a good reputation with our Party with a Purpose motto that everyone wants us to come and help and make their event fun.  Please check out the volunteer opportunities and pick out a few that suit your mood.  For some of them we will have sign up sheets at the PHlocking or a Parrot Head  contact email and for others, we ask that you contact the organization directly.  Let’s show them how good we are at helping and don’t forget to mention that you are a Parrot Head, let’s keep the good publicity going.  


We had no July PHlocking as it fell on July 4th but I have to say, the August PHlocking was off the charts.  Mike and Pat Haut were in charge of the EI Parrot Head Anniverary PHocking (12 years) and the games they came up with were doozies.  While I do have a picture (decided not to share it for risk of total embarrassment) of the one game involving wooden rods, sand paper and 8 brave volunteers; if you want to know about the game itself, check in with Jan Hicks for a colorful description.   The 50/50 raffle was won by Erin Nelson and $86 was earmarked for the Carteret County Humane Society Shelter.  Our Club added $14 so the Shelter will receive a check for  $100.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the Anniversary Weekend Sand Bar Party due to unrelenting rains (we can do it with a shower or two but this day was unreal with no let up)  Check the Event page for the details of our rescheduled party on Sunday September 7th.


It is almost Float time again, ( I know hard to think about a Christmas Float in August/September).  The parade date is November 29th, the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  We will be having a planning meeting to decide the theme for this year in early September and we will have a sign up sheet for planners and builders at the PHlocking.  If you would like to be part of this very fun event ( a great way to get to know your fellow Parrot Heads) sign up or email me at so we can keep you posted.  Both Kip Baker and Kelley Nelson have a few ideas but we always welcome additional creative ideas.  We are working on securing a trailer and as usual, the build will be at our house unless someone else has some better (or covered) space in which to build the float.   If you won’t be in town for the Parade, you can still be part of the fun build sessions (usually involving food and beverages).

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