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President’s Notes February 2021

We’re still here! It’s the end of February and the beginning of March which promises Spring and warmer weather! Lyrics from Jimmy tell us to  “Pick up the Pieces, Hit the Road Again. The World is What You Make it.” That’s exactly what EIPHC is going to do! I’m so excited about the events coming up! But first, if you haven’t registered for the “Phluff the Phlock” zoom meeting, STOP what you’re doing and do it now!  Registration is found on our website at in the menu.  You must register by March 1 to be a part of the planning on March 7 and to learn what great things are headed your way in 2021!

Please review carefully the events found in your March Newsletter and mark your calendars! Come join us for our first Phlocking of the year on Sunday, March 21 from 3 to 5 pm at the E-Club. Note that it is scheduled at a different date and time than our usual monthly phlockings, However, it guarantees a great time of phun phellowship with plenty of room to safely distance outside.  In addition, the phlocking serves as a food drive for Martha’s Mission  either by your attendance or drive-by.  Get out your prized baseball gear and I’ll see you at the “SWING INTO SPRING FOOD DRIVE.”  Can’t wait to “Party with a Purpose,” with YOU!!! Jan H., Pres.

Newly Appointed PHIP President


Happy Presidents Day Club Leaders,

We would like to thank all who voted in the PHiP Special Election for President.

112 clubs voted in this election.

The newly elected President of PHiP is Bill Brehm.

This is how the ballots were cast:

Bill Brehm                     69 votes

David Cohen                 43 votes

Many thanks to the candidates for running and everyone who voted.

The PHiP Bob Heffelfinger Memorial Scholarship Now Open

We are proud to announce that the PHiP Bob Heffelfinger Memorial Scholarship Essay Contest for 2021 is NOW OPEN!!!!!!

Summary of the PHiP Scholarship:

The PHiP Scholarship is for current Parrot Head Club Members of an officially Chartered Chapter or their children of Parrot Head Club Members, for post secondary education.

This program was established in 2008. Three scholarships will be awarded in 2021. The funds may be used for tuition, books or living expenses, at an accredited brick and mortar four-year university or college of the student’s choice. The award will be paid to the winners school account, when a student account is established.

PHiP awards 3 awards in the amounts of:

First Place: $5,000
Second Place: $3,000
Third Place: $2,000

Eligibility: Parrot Head Club Members and members children (Sorry nieces, nephews or other extended family members beyond those mentioned are not considered eligible)

The Scholarship instructions and application can be found on the PHiP Website at:

It is VERY important the applicant follow ALL of the rules and instructions. Only typed, electronic submissions will be accepted. Incomplete applications will not be considered eligible.

Make no references to your identity, your local parrot head club or your location in your essay entry OR your question and statement responses.

All applications must be signed at the appropriate place. We accept electronic signatures.

To Apply: Complete the Parrot Head Scholarship Application found on the PHiP website at Please email your completed application and essay to:

David Cohen
PHiP Secretary

DEADLINE FOR APPLICANTS is MARCH 31st, 2021, for enrollment for fall term (summer terms not applicable). Students may apply yearly; the awards will be given annually, based on a new application process.

Good Luck to all applicants!

David Cohen,

Secretary, Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc.

2012 – 2021 Scholarship Chair

2013 – 2021 Scholarship Raffle Chair

2017- 2021 Mini Mart Chair