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“FLOWER POWER” June 4 Phlocking, 7pm, E-Club

“Flower Power” promotes the idea of “peace and love” as a means of changing the world! “Parrot Heads” do too!  Express your “Flower Power” at our June Phlocking with “flowers in your hair, flowers everywhere!”  Pull out those tube tops, tye-dye shirts, and bright floral dresses! Deck out in head bands, scarves, and peace signs.  Matt will provide the phun with food, live music, and special drinks at the E-Club.  AND, to symbolize our “Flower Power,” all proceeds from the 50/50 raffle will be used to  cover expenses related to our newest community project! Sign up at the phlocking and work with James, Carol & Cris the following morning, June 5, at 10:00 on “Beautification Day.”  We’ll be cleaning up and planting flowers in the gardens of the tiny “Butterfly Park” located in front of the water tower at the poiice station on Emerald Isle. “Let’s Party Like it’s 1969!”

President’s Notes May 2021

What is a Parrot Head and why be one? When you hear the word Parrot Head, do you automatically think of Jimmy Buffett and his fans? Sure you do, but there is so much more to it than attending a concert or listening to his songs with a Margarita in your hand!

Over several decades, Parrot Heads have grown to tens of thousands of pholks, established individual clubs all over the world and discovered phun places to phlock! They symbolize a love of the lifestyle that Buffett sings about and a desire to kick back whenever and wherever possible with good music, good phriends, and good drinks! Newcomers are welcome, even if they have limited knowledge of Jimmy Buffett’s music! It is well known that Parrot Heads make strangers into phriends!

They are also known for their parties, but they work hard too, in the form of community service, charitable contributions, and many other phun yet community-based projects. Even though they are laid back and usually enjoy a drink, they are also environmentally and culturally aware and do their best to give back to society! Because of their strength in numbers and generosity, they donate thousands of dollars and manpower hours every year!

There’s much more to learn about Parrot Heads and the best way to learn is to be one! Come join us at our June 4 Phlocking at the E-Club at 7pm and learn for yourself how to “Party with a Purpose!” See you there! Jan H, President

$592 donated from May 7, “Back to the 80’s” Phlocking. See our overall results!

We are having phun and “tearing it up” this month with our walks, phlocking, and individual donations. Here is screen shot taken from  We encourage our phellow parrot head clubs to join us in this fight against Alzheimer’s and together let’s make this the best year ever for donations! Thank you EIPHC for your continued support! Here’s to you! 



Remember these favorites: Madonna, Olivia Newton John, Elton John, Johnny Depp, Tom Petty, Cyndi Laupar and Michael Jackson? We’re going back to the 80’s with this Phlocking to celebrate this great decade! Wear your 80’s  best outfit.  Matt is going all out and providing an 80’s band so we can get down and boogie up. 

 Also, we will be kicking off the “Walk to End Alzheimer’s” Month, a big event for all Parrot Heads. Add bonus points with a splash of purple in your 80’s clothes to signify Alzheimer’s Month. Let’s once again “Party with a Purpose!” Thanks to Bonnie Forkey, our Big Bird for this event!