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PHiP’s MOTM 2020 Update – Casa 99% Sold Out, Drawings Ending Soon, A Music Note

The Casa Marina is 99% SOLD-OUT, Drawings END Tuesday, Aaron Scherz Band!

Hello everyone! Here are a few quick updates for PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds 2020. There are many distractions in the world right now and I hope you and yours are staying safe wherever you are. Better days are ahead and as the song line goes “Everything is Gonna’ be Alright.”
Before I get to the news I want to treat you to a video from Aaron Scherz who just released his brand new awesome single “Beach Town” yesterday and you can hear it now on Radiomargaritaville… I asked Aaron if he would give us a quick update on his band and up-coming set at the Casa Marina during PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds 2020. This band will feature Coral Reefers Doyle Grisham and Eric Darken as well as on-going Coral Reefer Will Kimbrough. There will be a stage full of awesome musicians that will electrify Aaron’s hits. Don’t miss this exclusive set only at PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds 2020! From there I will pass it to Aaron via this video link!
Our drawing deadlines for two great prizes are next Tuesday, March 31st at midnight EDT. I will to tell you more about the drawings below and the Casa Marina booking status. So let’s start with the Casa. There are exactly 3 suites left to sell for PHiP’s MOTM 2020. Once those are gone we are sold out in every room type at the Casa Marina which means we start building an over-flow list for any Casa reservation cancellations. Hurry if you want one of the remaining suites as they may book as soon as this email goes out.
The over-flow hotel for PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds is the newly renovated Reach Resort right down the beach from the Casa. If you do not want a suite at the Casa you can book at the Reach and request a move to the Casa if rooms become available in the class you want to book. If you use the Reach booking link provided below you will receive a 10% parrot head discount and a $20 resort fee discount. You must use the link below to get these discounts.
The 2020 MOTM Wait List for the Casa Marina – Here are the 3 steps below:
ONE:  Register for Meeting of the Minds 2020.
TWO:  Book your room at the Reach Resort. While our awesome Parrot Head rate is only valid at the Casa Marina the Reach is offering a discount to our group this year. This Reach Resort rate will not be priced as low as the Casa rate but there is a booking discount for MOTM Parrot Heads. There are some Casa Marina cancellations every year so booking early will put you up the list as we do go in order to move people over if vacancy happens through the year. This can happen right up to the event so give the hotel your cell number not your home number for contact!
THREE:   Email our MOTM Director of Registration Kathy Kaz at
Put in the title of your email “PHiP’s MOTM Casa Marina Wait List.” Tell Kathy you are booked at the Reach and registered for PHiP’s MOTM.  Kathy will add you to the Casa Marina wait list in the order in which you contact her.
We have to fill the Casa Marina so we will work very hard to move everyone we can if cancellations occur. We will be working down the order in which you reply to Kathy Kaz. Sorry for any confusion but it is best to manage this list through Kathy vs. contacting the hotel.
Here is the special link to the Reach Resort for our group discount – Again this is NOT the same rate as the Casa Marina. Simply copy and paste the URL below into your browser to access the exclusive rates available just for Parrot Heads!
Simply copy and paste the URL below into your browser to access the exclusive rates available for this group. Please note, the entire URL must be copied and pasted for it to work properly.

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Jimmy Buffett launches Cabin Fever Virtual Tour



Jimmy Buffett launches Cabin Fever Virtual Tour for fans to watch concerts at home
Starting March 25, the king of chill will upload a live concert from his archives every Wednesday and Saturday at 8 p.m. PST.

Since he can’t physically tour, Jimmy Buffett has launched his Spring 2020 Cabin Fever Virtual Tour, which includes live sets through the years being uploaded to his website every Wednesday and Saturday starting March 25.

Coronavirus may have temporarily put a stop to live events, but Jimmy Buffett still wants fans to have a little fun. Break out the blender or head to your favorite local restaurant for some margaritas-to-go and join Buffett and fellow Parrotheads during his Spring 2020 Cabin Fever Virtual Tour from the comfort and safety of your own home.Starting Wednesday, March 25, every Wednesday and Saturday at 8 p.m. PST Buffett will be re-broadcasting shows from his live archives via or tune into Radio Margaritaville on SiriusXM.

Here’s the full Cabin Fever Virtual Tour schedule:

March 25: Live from Key West, Florida (2015)

March 28: Live from The Gorge in George, Washington (1996)

April 1: Live from The Coyote Drive-In at Fort Worth, Texas (2014)

April 4: Live from Honolulu, Hawaii (2004)

April 8: Live from Paris France (2017)

April 11: The Millennium Show Live from Los Angeles, California (1999)

April 15: Live from Australia (2011)

April 18: Live from Mansfield, Massachusetts (1994)

April 22: Live from Bora Bora (2010)

April 25: Live from Hartford, Connecticut (1995)

April 29: Live from Wellington, New Zealand (2017)

May 2: Far Side of the World Show (various years and cities)

May 6: Live from Dublin, Ireland (2019)

May 9: Live from Key West, Florida (2015)


Fins Up!

President’s Notes March 2020

What single word can you find that can turn someone’s day around for the better? Many come to mind…peace, joy, hope, compassion and more. But, the best of these is “LOVE!” With love in our hearts, what we say and what we do for others will strengthen and encourage ourselves and others as we work together to get through the craziness!

As you know, our club events and other community events are suspended, not by choice. Hopefully, we will have a clearer picture in a few weeks to make further decisions. Life as we know it continues to change every day and we have a long road ahead of us! We have the opportunity today and every day to take time to think of others and what we can do to make their day better. Many of you are already doing that by supporting our local businesses with gift cards, takeout orders, etc., and are serving as volunteers to help those in need. You are the best of the best! With a little bit of luck and love, we will come out of this stronger, better and ready to again “PARTY WITH A PURPOSE!” Until then with love, Jan H. Pres.

PHiP Scholarship Ending in 2 week



ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT TO GET YOUR APPLICATIONS IN.  Below are the details of the scholarship.

We are proud to announce that the PHiP Scholarship Essay Contest for 2020 is  OPEN!!!!!!

Summary of the PHiP Scholarship:

The PHiP Scholarship is for current Parrot Head Club Members of an officially Chartered Chapter or their children of Parrot Head Club Members, for post secondary education.

This program was established in 2008. Three scholarships will be awarded in 2020. The funds may be used for tuition, books or living expenses, at an accredited brick and mortar four-year university or college of the student’s choice. The award will be paid to the winners school account, when a student account is established.

PHiP awards 3 awards in the amounts of:

First Place: $5,000
Second Place: $3,000
Third Place: $2,000

Eligibility: Parrot Head Club Members and members children (Sorry nieces, nephews or other extended family members beyond those mentioned are not considered eligible)

The Scholarship instructions and application can be found on the PHiP Website at:

It is VERY important the applicant follow ALL of the rules and instructions. Only typed, electronic submissions will be accepted. Incomplete applications will not be considered eligible.

Make no references to your identity, your local parrot head club or your location in your essay entry OR your question and statement responses.

All applications must be signed at the appropriate place. We accept electronic signatures.

To Apply: Complete the Parrot Head Scholarship Application found on the PHiP website at Please email your completed application and essay to:

David Cohen
PHiP Secretary

DEADLINE FOR APPLICANTS is MARCH 31st, 2020, for enrollment for fall term (summer terms not applicable). Students may apply yearly; the awards will be given annually, based on a new application process.

Good Luck to all applicants!

David Cohen,
Secretary, Parrot Heads in Paradise Inc,
2012-2020 Scholarship Chair
2013-2020 Scholarship Raffle Chair
2017-2020 Mini Mart Chair





We’re PHlocking to Coastal Credit Union Music Park (Walnut Creek) on 4/18/20 to party at Jimmy’s “Escape to Margaritaville” concert and “It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere” joint Tailgate Party with PHofNC of Raleigh! We’re doing this right PHolks!

Here’s the scoop:

  • Concert Tickets still available from most online services beginning from $68 to $87. Example: has no fees, beginning at $87. Order yours NOW! In addition, I have 2 reserved inside club seats for members in good standing only, selling for someone who can’t go. $150 ea.
  •  Bus Tickets still available @ $40 round trip, leaving from Publix parking lot at 9am sharp. Hey, you can sleep on the bus!
  •  Reserved Parrot Head Parking and Tailgate Space (Raleigh and EI clubs) with no early parking fee of $20.  Live Nation is opening the parking lot at 12 noon for PH’s only.  Cars must convoy together at gate in order to take advantage of this space.  Bus will be parked nearby and items from Bus will be transported by truck to tailgate party/parking. Details will follow. UNLESS YOU CONVOY, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARK HERE.
  •  “5 O’CLOCK SOMEWHERE” Tailgate Party is a combined party hosted by EIPHC and PHofNC clubs.  We are providing music from our 2 PHavorite musicians, JT PARROTHEAD and  BAREFOOT WADE who will alternate playing from 2 – 7 pm. Visit their Facebook or Websites to learn more about them! If you don’t know Wade, he’ll be riding with us on the bus! A crowd of PHolks will be joining us for the party
  •  Your Essentials and Your Responsibility is easy! Wear your Parrot Head best, straw hats, parrot/shark hats, grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts, be creative. Bring decorations. The Bus has ample room underneath for coolers, lawn chairs, tents, tables, etc. Small coolers and snacks will be allowed on bus.  WHATEVER YOU PARTAKE ON THE BUS YOU CLEAN UP YOURSELF SO BRING TRASH BAG! Shared snacks and food will be greatly appreciated at the tailgating. We may chip in together for extra food, Details will follow. Display your PHeathers proudly, act responsibly for yourself and to others and take care of each other. Most important, bring your best Parrot Head State of Mind!!!!!!!!!