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Emerald Isle Rescue Tube program

We recently learned that the trial program of placing rescue tubes at beach access points has been successful. A week or so ago, a 13 year old boy was rescued using one of these rescue tubes that had been donated by a private citizen.

The town of Emerald Isle, in an effort to make our beaches even safer, will be working to get the rescue tubes at more beach accesses by asking Home Owner Associations, individuals, and organizations to sponsor rescue tubes. They cost $90 and that includes purchase of the tubes, a stand and sign. The town will maintain and replace tubes as needed.   The PH Board has agreed to fund the purchase of three rescue tubes. I have attached a picture of what they look like. This picture is one of three at Lands End beach access points.rescue tube

Family Pirate Day at the Western Carteret Public Library

The friends of the library sent us this message, and as we have in the past we are hoping to help them out with some “pirate” volunteers this year:

Good morning, Sue,

The Friends of the Library are, once again, having a Family Pirate Day for the kids in our area. We would love it if some fun-loving ParrotHeads would be interested in volunteering for a couple hours that day and help children complete their scavenger hunts for pirate treasure. Pirate Day will be Saturday, September 26, 10:00am-2:00pm at the Western Carteret Public Library. Helpers are encouraged, but not required, to dress in pirate-ish clothing.

I hope this gives you enough time to get the word out to your Phlock. (I’m tempted to add “if you choose to accept this assignment.” I’ve seen too many Mission Impossible movies.) And thank you, thank you for your help in the past. It would be great to have some ParrotHeads as part of our scurvy crew this year.



Helping the Domestic Violence Program

A week or so ago, I sent out a note about the Domestic Violence Program and the fact that they were full to capacity and running out of lots of items and I included the list of items PHolks could donate.

The PH Board has decided to help them with a bit of cash to help them get the items they need.   The Club will pledge up to $300 as a MATCH to individual Parrot Head donations. Right now several PH Board members have pledged a total of $125. If you would like to get the club to donate a total of $300, let me know your pledge and get the money or check to me no later than Friday, August 28th. If you let me know what you plan to donate, the Club can get the check to them even sooner and send the individual donations a little later. You can mail me the checks at 9701 Ashley Place, Emerald Isle 28594. Make checks out to Carteret County Domestic Violence Program. Thanks for all your help on this.

Sue Stone

c0008f_5b1e9617f43443fbb8c296b1fe1fd601_png_srz_p_355_360_75_22_0_50_1_20_0 Continue reading Helping the Domestic Violence Program




Wow…August already!! Where is the summer going? THERE ARE ONLY 44 DAYS UNTIL MEETING OF THE MINDS 2015 REGISTRATION CLOSES!!!  Meeting of the Minds 2015 Registration will close this year on September 15th or when we reach 3500 people.
Here is your link to REGISTER for MOTM 2015:


Final details for Anniversary Weekend

August 7th 7 PM First Friday PHlocking –   August 7th Phlocking will be a Margaritaville Luau featuring DJ Rob with his usual selection of entertaining and danceable tunes.  Wear your best island Luau attire, or at least something wild and festive!

August 9th Sunday – 1PM to 5 PM – Club Anniversary Island/Sandbar Party (13th anniversary of the Club) Yes, it is time again and we are hoping for the best of weather! Pelican Island is the site for the event, it is just off the shoreline of Swansboro, opposite the Swansboro Yacht Club, the island with a dock and flag.   Low tide will be 9:55 and high tide is 4:35. Since this is our way of thanking all the members and volunteers for the good work and good deeds that have taken place over the year, the club will be providing hamburgers, hotdogs, (and rolls) condiments, paper products and music by Scearce and Ketner. We ask that everyone bring a little something to share and your own beverage of choice. We will have a few semi-organized activities/games but feel free to bring any beach games you might have for more fun. This is a private party for Parrot Heads and guests. Last time we had lots of people who were not members who had just heard about the party and we ran out of burgers and dogs and some Club members did not get any, so please have your guests bring something to share. We won’t be doing memberships at the island but anyone can join though the website.

We have gotten questions about why we hold this on a Sunday as some of our members are from out of town and have to leave on Sunday. Here is the short answer. We have many club members who work in service industries and cannot attend our PHlockings or events held on Friday or Saturday.   This event as well as the Coast is Clear Party are held on Sundays so our working friends can join us.   We try to find ways to include everyone!

Juicy details:   You can arrive when you want if you have water transportation. We have a few generous souls who will kindly give some rides to and from. They will start picking up people at 12:30 and every hour and half hour until around 2 PM.  (please bring a few bucks to help offset their gas costs, your tip is their salary!!!)

Pick up points: – 1. Swansboro public dock between Bake, Bottle & Brew and Saltwater Grill.  2. Dock at Bake, Bottle&Brew (Jack, the owner of the establishment and part owner of Pelican Island has offered his dock and people can enter through store).