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PHIP Tradewind Times is now on the website.


Good afternoon Parrot Heads,
The latest edition of the PHIP Tradewind Times is now on the website.  You can go to this link:  to view it.  Or you can always go to the PHIP website, and click on the Chapters section and scroll down and select the Tradewind Times.

In this issue:  We get a look at what the Tech committee has planned for the new website.  Congratulations are given to Chicago PHC for winning the Golden Coconut award.  After enjoying Jimmy Buffett’s appearance on Blue Bloods, we detail his other appearances on the screen, big or small, acting roles and cameos.  Finally we see how some Parrot Head clubs celebrated the holidays.
Stephen Woods
Communications Director
Galveston Bay Parrot Head Club
Editor, Tradewind TimesPrattling Parrot


The first Friday in February (February 4) is National Wear Red Day. On this day in February, which is considered American Heart Month, everyone across the country dons the color red in order to raise and spread awareness in hopes to help eradicate heart disease and stroke in millions of women. So put on your reddest red — whether it be a lipstick, a pair of pants, a shirt, or your favorite hat — and “party with a purpose” to stamp out heart disease in men and women everywhere! Food and music will be provided by Matt and a 50/50 will be held for the American Heart Fund, Eastern North Carolina.

President’s Notes, January 2022

HOW IS YOUR TIME SPENT? Most of you are busy working, taking care of family, cleaning the house, buying groceries, running errands, filling up every minute of your day. We all have the same 24 hours to spend and yet we all spend those hours differently. Time is different than anything else.  We can buy a thing, and when we lose it, we can buy it back. Not time! When it is gone, we have lost it forever. That makes every minute we have here so very valuable!

Let’s admit it, some days we need to just sit or lay on the couch and “pig” out on our favorite snacks! While there is nothing wrong with that, it’s not very productive and the “bliss” is short lived! In summary, we need to have some relaxation, productivity and big time PHUN added to our lives!

The Emerald Isle Parrot Head Club offers you a great alternative to your daily routine. We consciously make the “laid back” time we spend together valuable and productive! It is our desire to celebrate “escapism to the island life” even if some of us don’t live on an island!  When we “party with a purpose,” we affect the lives of many through our contributions to charities, our dedication to beautifying and cleaning up our surroundings, our willingness to give “a helping hand” to those who need it, and our heart-felt desire to “give back.”

This is your time, spend it wisely! Make it a point to renew your membership, or join us as a new member online, by mail or at the next Phlocking! Don’t waste your time thinking about it. JUST DO IT! We want to spend our time with YOU this year! Phins up y’all!  Jan H., President



As a member of the Emerald Isle Parrot Head Club*, you are invited to attend EIPHC’s PHLUFF UP THE PHLOCK annual membership meeting at 4 pm on Sunday, January 23. If you are interested in joining us by virtual ZOOM, see below for Zoom Invite instructions.  If you decide to join us “IN PERSON,” the PHluffing will be held at the home of Lois Gray at 6717 Ocean Dr., Emerald Isle, NC, and pre-registration is unnecessary. There is plenty of meeting space and an elevator available. The focus of the meeting is to elect our 2022 Board members and Members at Large and to plan our events and monthly phlockings for the New Year!  This is your opportunity to serve on the Board, volunteer for a “Big Bird” position, be a committee member, suggest a new event or just VOICE your opinion! Our BYLAWS contain the description and qualification for each position and can be reviewed at on the MENU entitled “Membership.” Be advised that our meeting is casual and open-minded. New and fresh ideas are welcomed!

The positions are voted upon yearly as follows and will include the incumbent(s) if they wish to remain in office:



Vice President




Members at Large:

Activities Director(s)

Membership Director(s)

Technology Director

Communications Director

In addition, attendees will have an opportunity to review the Annual Report for year ending 2021, prepared by Betty Strader, Secretary, which includes all events, the hours of service by volunteers and all funds donated to charities throughout 2021. This report and membership dues are required by our national club, Parrot Heads in Paradise “PHIP” in January of each year, to be officially and nationally recognized as a club chapter member.

We are looking forward to seeing you.  Come ready to “PHluff up your PHeathers” by contributing to this NEW YEAR of 2022!

Join by Zoom