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Sunday, September 18 – Coast is Clear Party 12:00 to 4:00 PM


Michael Moyer continues as our Big Bird and is lining up all his help (weenie wrappers, set up and take down teams and raffle team etc.)   This is the first weekend of beach driving so it easy to get there, hitch a ride, or walk from the Pier.  Hotdogs will be available, just throw some money in the donation jar. We also ask everyone to bring a little something to share but remember it is HOT so plan snacks/sides accordingly. Also, bring your own beverage.There will be raffles, prizes, games and more. If you can contribute or secure any items for the raffle, please bring with you, or leave a note on our website This is the time of the year when we “take back our beach” as the Coast is Clear. Remember to be careful when driving on the beach as it will still be turtle hatching season and families enjoying the day. Proceeds from this event will go to Carteret County Humane Society. You can also bring dog and cat food or items listed below. They are always so grateful!  See you there!

Paper towels, Dry Purina Puppy Chow, Puppy/kitten formula, Dishwashing liquid,         Dry Kitten Food, Heavy duty water hoses – 120 ft, Bleach, Scrub Brushes with handles,  Newspapers without inserts, Laundry detegent, Cat litter (non-scoopable),    Lysol or Febreeze spray, Dry Dog Food, Cat and/or dog toys



WE KNOW IT’S LABOR DAY WEEKEND, but we’ve added our own version of celebrating with beer and cheer for all the workers among us! Let’s rock out with our favorite trop rockers, RICKY LAMM & THE PHIN ADDICTS ! Wear your favorite worker’s gear, i.e., hard hat, boots, nurse or doctor shirts, baseball shirts, farmer’s overalls, be creative! You may even win the 50/50 raffle. Profits will be donated to Carteret County Community Theatre which serves our county with tribute bands, plays and a roster of summer camps for local children. Cheers ya’ll!


New Member Social


The Emerald Isle Parrot Head Club will be sponsoring a new member social on April 12 th at the Island Time Tavern (across from Rucker Johns in Emerald Plantations.) It will be held from 6 to 9 PM. We are inviting all new members who have joined since October, 2021, but all members are invited. You will be responsible for your drinks, but the club will provide pizza.

In order to make sure, we order adequate pizza. You will need to sign up at the April Meeting  or email Maggie (maggie.rauschenberg@gmail  that you will be attending.   Pizza will arrive around 6:30 PM.

Email invitations were sent out to all new members who have joined in the past 6 month.

Still want to be a Parrot Head?

Still want to be a Parrot Head?

Last Chance to Pay 2022 Membership Dues or you will have to rejoin!

Since we did not meet in January, collection of dues is extended to March 15. All 2022 dues must be paid by March 15. It doesn’t matter what month you joined because our dues are only $10.00 per person and we do not pro-rate them.  There are three ways to pay your dues.

Method 1 – Use our website to renew, Use the Click here to Join or Renew picture (or click this link!) and follow the directions. You do not fill out a form to renew. There is a 61 cent fee that you need to add to your $10.00 for each membership being renewed. This is the fee to PayPal. Also, you do not need to have a PayPal account. Any credit card can be used.

Method 2- Renew your membership through the mail. Send check to

Emerald Isle Parrot Heads
PO Box 4293
Emerald Isle, NC 28594-4293

Method 3- Pay your dues at the March 4th Phlocking.

Please remember that if dues are paid later than March 15 you will have to rejoin the club and fill out the form again. Our data base will be updated shortly after March 15 to reflect current paid memberships. Our club dues are lower than any other club.

After paying a small amount of each membership to the National Parrot Head Club, we use the rest to run projects to help the community.

PHIP Tradewind Times is now on the website.


Good afternoon Parrot Heads,
The latest edition of the PHIP Tradewind Times is now on the website.  You can go to this link:  to view it.  Or you can always go to the PHIP website, and click on the Chapters section and scroll down and select the Tradewind Times.

In this issue:  We get a look at what the Tech committee has planned for the new website.  Congratulations are given to Chicago PHC for winning the Golden Coconut award.  After enjoying Jimmy Buffett’s appearance on Blue Bloods, we detail his other appearances on the screen, big or small, acting roles and cameos.  Finally we see how some Parrot Head clubs celebrated the holidays.
Stephen Woods
Communications Director
Galveston Bay Parrot Head Club
Editor, Tradewind TimesPrattling Parrot