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President’s Notes October, 2022

BOO!!! Happy Halloween! Get ready for everything “Make Believe!” Guess that’s why I love this holiday! It’s a time when grown-ups and kids are out and about attending trunk-a-treats, costume contests, and Halloween parties! We all get to act and look silly, although most of us don’t need a reason! Watch out for the Princess and the Prince, the Goblins and Witches, and many of our favorite storybook characters! Stay safe and have a great time whatever your plans are!

After Halloween is over, please be sure to visit our website and our Facebook Page, Emerald Isle Parrot Head Club, to view many more “Treats!” These events are open to the public.  If you like dressing up, you can register on our WEBSITE, UNDER THE MENU entitled “Register for Santa Crawl and Buy T-shirts in the Shop.”  Be sure to read the current Newsletter for additional information! See you soon as we “Party With a Purpose!” Jan H, Prez


Another Great Trip Giveaway To Help The PHiP Scholarship



Good Afternoon Parrot Heads:

Not able to make it to MOTM?  Still want to help out?  The PHiP Bob Heffelfinger Memorial Scholarship is always looking for ways to keep the funds in the account for years to come as we continue to give away $10,000 each year to our parrot heads and their kids.  Here is the latest giveaway happening

Hop on board, discover all the fun

The Margaritaville at Sea Paradise is your
3-day / 2-night exciting, new off-shore resort experience, sailing from the Port of Palm Beach to Grand Bahama Island. On this floating island vacation, you can unwind, enjoy the endless activities and entertainment, or just relax and soak up the sun.

Tickets are 5 for $20 and you can send your payment to to purchase your tickets.  The drawing will be held on Saturday at MOTM (November 5th) so get your tickets now to have your chance at this great trip courtesy of Margaritaville At Sea.  I will send confirmation of your tickets as I get them.

President’s Notes September 2022

Hello my phriends! As I write,  I am experiencing memories of our past storms because Hurricane Ian is all over the news.  My memories are good and bad, happy and sad, but mostly thankful for the way everyone in our community, our family, friends, neighbors, businesses and charities worked together to reach out and help each other in so many wonderful ways toward restoration. My thoughts are also with those who are in Ian’s path and pray for their safety! Our club stands ready to send aid to help others that may be affected.

In the meantime, this too shall pass, and we will once again look forward to the many events we have planned to finish out our year.  Be sure to check out our Newsletter and our calendar of events found on and the Emerald Isle Parrot Head Facebook page.  Stay safe all! See you soon! Phins up! Jan Hicks, Pres.

President’s Notes, August 2022

Who is Jane Slagsvol? She’s the wife of Jimmy Buffett! She recently celebrated her 45th anniversary of marriage to him. The idea of living with Jimmy through his early years until now seems impossible. However, like many marriages, they survived the hard times, stayed together, and now enjoy “the good life!” Jane supported Jimmy throughout his career by her encouragement, support, and attendance at nearly every event. It is said that Jimmy wrote the song “Come Monday” for her while he was stuck in a motel on tour and lonely! It is great to know that the love and respect they share for each other is real. Congratulations to them both! Happy Anniversary!

We have a lot to talk about in the next few months. Labor Day weekend is now and comes loaded with music, Coast is Clear Party is about here, the “Tu-tus for Ta-tas” Walk is coming up soon, and our annual Island Santa Bar Crawl fundraiser is right around the corner. That means you need to get on our website at and The Emerald Isle Parrot Head Club Facebook page and check the dates for these fabulous events and then SHOW UP! You don’t want to miss the PHUN stuff! We hope to see you at our next event. They are all open to the public so if you are not yet a Parrot Head, you are invited to attend. As always, you can join our club at the monthly phlockings or online at our website! PHINS UP YA’ll! Jan Hicks, Pres.

President’s Notes June 2022

Having just returned from a shortened vacation (due to COVID),  I can honestly say “I am happy to be home!”  It was a meaningful trip and there are many stories to share. However, today is not the day!  Brain fog! All is well and my pheathers will be properly phluffed up soon. In the meantime, ya’ll continue to party with a purpose at our special “Star Spangled America” phlocking at the E-Club beginning at 7pm on July 1! Life is good! Friends are Great! Family is Best! Fins Up! Jan H. Prez.

President’s Notes, May 2022

I’m writing this on May 30, which is a very special day!  First, we celebrate Memorial Day and honor those who have died in the military service for the U.S. Each year we look forward to a whole weekend of barbecues, beach trips and other outdoor activities! Second, it’s my anniversary and I look forward to enjoying time spent with my best friend and dear husband, James! He is always here for me and supports all, well most, of my whacky projects! Serving the Parrot Heads is #1!

Anyway, this year also marks the 20th anniversary of EIPHC!  It’s hard to believe! Through the years, everyone involved in this club and its adventures have benefited greatly! Our phlock is definitely “one of a kind.” We spend 100’s of hours in support and earn 1000’s of dollars in contributions,  as a result each year from our membership and supporters.  We are so fortunate to live in a community that “gives back” and then “gives some more!” The true meaning of “Party with a Purpose” is evident in all that we do!

This year will be the best yet!  I can’t wait to see what happens next! Visit www.emeraldisleparrotheads for further updates. Fins up!  Jan H., Prez