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President’s Notes August 2021

We are facing a time that is full of  chaos and confusion. We send prayers to all who are in peril from events taking place all over the world.  Through this,  we’ll stay strong, stay positive and remain hopeful for a brighter day, a better time, and a new beginning.

This morning, while on my porch, the sun rose in its majestic beauty , a gentle breeze played against my face, a tiny green hummingbird happily zoomed by, and my hibiscus showed off its 4 giant ruby red blossoms.  Each of these things validated for me that even in hard times, Life is Good.

Likewise, EIPHC will strive to make our events and surroundings as good as they can be through the times we have together.  It starts Labor Day weekend with Rick Lamb and The Phin Addicts.  We are fortunate to have Rick and his talented and seasoned group of musicians come and spend time with us! They have entertained Parrot Head groups and Trop Rock fans from coast to coast and internationally since 2007.  Scott Nickerson, a life long musician and founder of the Atlanta Parrot Head Club, as well as the non-profit organization, Parrot Heads in Paradise, is also joining Rick as a member of the band!  We are guaranteed an outstanding trop rock experience! “Life is Good” when you Party with a Purpose! Visit our website for details at  Fins up ya’ll, Jan H. President


Wear your tropical best!  We’re celebrating the ‘soon to end” Summer and the return of our favorite trop rock artists, RICK LAMB AND THE PHIN ADDICTS!  This is going to be a great night featuring our infamous FROZEN T-SHIRT CONTEST,  charity 50/50 raffle, club t-shirt sales, free food and music that will make you ROCK like you’re partying in KEY WEST.  LIFE IS GOOD!!!  If you haven’t yet joined the Emerald Isle Parrot Head Club, be sure to visit our Membership table and sign up at the Phlocking.  It’ll cost you a whopping $10! See you there!