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Welcome the New Emerald Isle Parrot Head Club Board

We had 30  fun, enthusiastic Parrot Heads show up for this year’s PHluff up the PHlock Meeting on January 21st.  We discussed the 2018 activity schedule and filled the Board with some new blood and lots of enthusiasm from all.   We even got “Big Birds” for each of our activities as well as a few new ideas to ponder.   We will be sending out requests for volunteers to work with the big birds and the chairs of our 3 standing committees which will be chaired by Members at Large, Technology, Publicity and Activities.   Jessi Holland will also head up coordination of our First Friday PHlockings.  Presenting……..

President: Jan Hicks
Vice President: Rick Walling
Co- Treasurers: Carl Rauschenberg and Rita Babich
Co-Secretaries: Sue Stone and Maggie Rauschenberg
Members at Large: Jimi Crampton (Technology and Publicity), Jamie Thomas (Publicity), Jessi Holland (PHlocking), Moh Traini (Activities), Donna Grady(Activities). Joel Dunn will continue to head up the Technology Committee with Jimi Crampton.

We wanted to give special thanks to our retiring past officers for all their efforts during their last term and their help in transitioning new officers who are stepping up to fill big shoes. So many THANK YOU’s go out to President Jason Holland, Vice President Carol Lauback, and Members at Large Renee Synan, James Hicks, Marcia McMahan, Pat Henry, and Marsha Horner. We know that they all will still be involved and pitching in with the Club and its’ activities as 2018 unfolds. Other special thanks also went out to those officers who will be continuing on for another term.

The 2018 Activities will be added to the Parrot Head Website Calendar and more details added as we get further in our planning but here they are for now so you can add them to your calendar.
• 1/20 – Hoop Pole Creek Clean Up – Ken & Sue Stone (Big Birds)
• 1/21 – PHluff up the PHlock – Ken & Sue Stone (Big Birds)
Nothing Planned
• 3/10 – E.I. Marathon/1/2 Marathon/ 5K – (volunteers needed) Ken Stone (Point Person)
• 3/17 – St. Patty’s Day Booth – Jimi Crampton (Big Bird), Moh Traini
• 4/7 – Disc Golf Tournament (Clean up the course before the tournament)- Jack Synan (Big Bird), Renee Synan, James Hicks, Matt Morel
• 4/21 – Highway Pickup/Sound Sweep – Jean Jensen & Val Johnson (Big Birds)
• 4/25 – New Member Social – Maggie Rauschenberg (Big Bird), Marsha Horner, Renee Synan, Sue Stone
• 5/5 – Bike the Banks (volunteers needed) Ken Stone (Point Person)
• 5/19 – Beach Bike Poker Run – Jami Thomas (Big Bird), Carol Lauback, James Hicks, Betty Strader, Renee Synan
• 5/19 – Hands Across the Sand – Val Johnson (Big Bird), Sue Stone
• 6/16 – Alzheimer’s Longest Day Walk – Val Johnson (Big Bird), Sue Smith
Nothing planned
• 8/5 – Anniversary Island/Sandbar Party – James Hicks (Big Bird), Cris Lauback, Bobbi Raub, Jeanne LaVana
• 9/16 – Coast is Clear under the Pier Beach Party – Michael Moyer (Big Bird), Mendy Barrows
• 10/13 – Diva Walk for Breast Cancer – Jessi Holland (Big Bird), Jan Hicks
• 10/14 – Chili Cookoff for Breast Cancer – Carol Lauback (Big Bird), Jimi Crampton, Jack Synan
• TBD – start meetings for Parade Float –Betty Strader (Big Bird), Jessi Holland, Ken Stone, James Hicks
• 11/3 – Highway Pick up and possibly Sound Sweep – Jean Jensen (Big Bird), Val Johnson, Carl Rauschenberg
• 11/24 – EI Christmas Parade Float – Betty Strader (Big Bird), Ken Stone, James Hicks
• 12/8: Santa Crawl – Jimi Crampton (Big Bird), Renee Synan, Sue Stone

There was a brief discussion on adding additional activities such as Scavenger Hunt or Mini Golf Tournament but those were tabled unless someone wants to do some planning on possible dates and venues.
We closed the meeting on time and enjoyed the pizza provided by the Club.


January 2018 Edition of the PHIP Tradewind Times is available online


The first Quarter 2018 Tradewind Times edition is now available on line and ready for reading and sharing!  In this issue you’ll find the wrap up of last year’s MOTM and some important information about this year’s 27th Meeting of the Minds – “We are the People Our Parents Warned Us About”.  
There is info on the Golden Coconut club winner, a featured club, plus some unique clubs – the Virtual PHC and a new club in Belize.  The PHIP Scholarship contest is now open so check it out.  Plus see the standard quarterly financial reports, Domino College, regional events and club birthdays.  Please share this email with your club members!
To access the newsletter go to this link:   Or you can always find the newsletter by going to the PHIP website at then click on Club/Chapter Info then scroll down on the left side to select the Tradewind Times. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way!  Keep those posts and emails coming about how Parrot Heads “Party with a Purpose”!!  There are so many clubs and members out there doing great things!  Keep warm and healthy this winter – spring is on the way and concert season will be here soon!

Sally Spenny
Editor, Tradewind Times,_._,___

Groundhog’s Hat Day Phlocking, Feb.2

So basing the next 6 weeks’ weather on Punxsutawney Phil’s shadow…let’s see what our Phlock can predict?!? Show your forecast by wearing a seasonal hat. For example, if you think Spring will be here soon, don your favorite visor. If you think winter prevails, snuggle into your favorite toboggan. Do It For Drew Foundation will be our 50/50 raffle charity. For more info about this local organization, visit Hosted By Rose Gerrell and Moh Traini.

As always, Phlocking is at 7 at Emerald Club. Join us for fun and fellowship with the Phlock. You can also pay your 2018 membership dues ($10) and we’ll have sign-ups for St. Patrick’s Day Volunteers. See you there. Party For a Purpose.

President’s Notes, January 2018

I hope you all had the happiest of holidays! As your new President, I am looking forward to the exciting events planned for 2018. First, I want to thank everyone involved in making last year such a great success with over 1,400 hours volunteered to charities and over $27,000 raised in 2017. Without you, none of this would have been possible.

I have learned from experience that volunteering offers many rewards. You make new friends, learn about and contribute to your community, and work together for those who need a helping hand. Coming up next is the St Patrick’s Day Festival on March 17, and our Fundraising Booth will need lots of volunteers to set up and take down the booth, work at the booth and donate items for the raffle. This is a fun and worthy event and last year raised over $1600. I invite you to help us out. You can sign up at the February PHLocking or contact There are many more Activities and PHLockings planned for the year in which you can participate and/or volunteer. Check out the calendar on our website for a listing.

On a final note, don’t be left out of the fun this year. Renew your membership or sign up as a new member today. We can’t wait to see you as WE PARTY WITH A PURPOSE! Jan Hicks

Be a Phlocking Host

After our inspiring “Phluff the Phlock” meeting Sunday, we are looking for Club members to host First Friday phlockings. All phlockings are held at 7 PM at the Emerald Club (EIPHC nest). Matt (owner) provides music and a light fare.
This is a GREAT opportunity to mingle with the Phlock, as well as meet new members as they join! To host a phlocking requires: Choosing a charity and selling 50/50 raffle tickets. If you would like, you can also have a theme or plan any activities for your phlocking!
So grab a friend or 4 and decide which month you want to host. If you’re not available to commit right away, no worries. Check our calendar later on to see which months are still available… I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Jessi Holland

YOUR MOTM 2018 Update! Please READ if you are holding Casa Marina Reservation!



Hello Everyone!
I hope you are all staying warm during this cold January! I want to see if I can get you thinking about the tropics and some great times complete with music! Here is an update on Meeting of the Minds 2018.
From my last update the Casa Marina is about 80% full and we still have a week and a half left in January! Things are moving fast in the hotel reservations office. Don’t wait too long to book as we are moving towards a sell-out soon! ! Please tell your Parrot Heads PHriends so no one is left out if they want a room at the Casa!
Remember if you book a room at the Casa Marina you need to go register for Meeting of the Minds at the same time. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FOR MOTM TO STAY AT THE CASA MARINA!
I need to pause my note so you read the following important message:

Continue reading YOUR MOTM 2018 Update! Please READ if you are holding Casa Marina Reservation!