February (Valentine’s) Phlocking report

If you didn’t make it to our February Phlocking celebration of Valentine/Heart Day, you missed one heck of a party with about 150 attending! The Emerald Club favored us with a grand assortment of chicken wings from Eddie at Piggly Wiggly complemented by various sweets prepared by our very own Parrot Heads.  DJ Rob got us all on the dance floor with a variety of songs from the past to the present and dancing the Cupid Shuffle was a highlight!  Oh Yeah! And how about the “Crazy Hearts” game and our talented participants? The lucky winning pair, Lindsey and Clint, won chocolates of course and announced that they were recently married so we helped them celebrate!  Our 50/50 winner and favorite bartender, Matt, won $67. Since February represents National Heart Month, the American Heart Association was chosen as our charity and, after additional donations were made later, a contribution of $80 was made. So if you missed the fun this month, don’t worry, you can catch up at the next Phlocking on March 6!  Who knows what’s in store?

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