The January 2017 Tradewind Times is now on-line


Hello Parrot Heads!
Hope all are surviving the weather this winter….  Can’t wait for Spring!
The latest edition of the PHIP Tradewind Times quarterly newsletter is now on line for you to share with your clubs and club members! Thanks to all that provided inputs and thanks to the clubs that posted or sent information so their club could be included in the Domino College Deans List.  I know that you are all out there doing great things, but it is good to share with others – who knows?  You might have an idea that others can use or another club did something that will work great for an event you want to plan.
Read President Kathy Pfister’s advice for club leaders and meet the new PHIP board members.  Read about what we did at MOTM 2016 and registration for MOTM 2017.   PHIP Scholarship contest for 2017 is now open.
To find the newsletter you can go to the link at: TradewindTimes0117
Or you can always go to the PHIP website at then go to the Club/Chapter Info section and scroll down on the left side then select the Tradewind Times.
Thanks and hope to see you at a Parrot Head Club event down the road!
Sally Spenny
Editor, PHIP Tradewind Times

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