YOUR PHIP’s Meeting of the Minds Update!


Hello Parrot Heads! It is a holiday weekend and you can feel Summer in the air! Here is the current update for PHiP’s 28th Annual Meeting of the Minds 2019 “License to Chill!”


It as been a couple of weeks since I have sent you an email. In that time many sponsor deals have been discussed and soon you will be hearing all about the things that our sponsors are bringing to the event. You are going to get a great deal for your registration dollars from the event shirt, the many things that are going to be in your tropical Christmas stocking I mean gift bag, and the awesome entertainment… well I always like to add some tweaks to the music on the schedule or change something for the better as we get closer to the event. I will be telling you about all that as soon as the deals are in ink. When you get to PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds at the Casa Marina you are going to have a chance with great odds I might add to win some really cool stuff this year. A 27 mile jet ski tour off the beach, a Margaritaville frozen concoction maker, drawings to win a special main stage VIP viewing area for YOU and 5 of your PHriends! How would you like some free special snacks and beverages in your special viewing area? How would you like to sit on some outdoor furniture from our new partner Shelter Logic? Get ready. This is just some of many things that will be announced over the coming weeks. There is some cool stuff being worked on. I really want to tell you more but I just need a little more time…


Have you heard about the new Facebook group for PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds? It is out there. Go send a request to join! Ask all your PHriends to join! There is already a nice crowd over there now and the group was just recently setup by Jim Dellocono who is the new Assistant Director of Conventions and my right- hand man. Jim was previously our Director of Security for some time now and now he has passed that torch to his wife Val Dellocono who is the new MOTM Director of Security. These are great people who I have called my PHriends now for many years. They are going to work hard along with all of you to make this years’ Meeting of the Minds an awesome one. Our team is going to ROCK this event this year. If you have not registered for PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds 2019 I would tell you to get moving on all the travel plans!  REMEMBER REGISTRATION CLOSES WHEN WE SELL OUT OR SEPTEMBER 15 WHICHEVER COMES FIRST.


Want to stay at the CASA MARINA RESORT during PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds? Well we are currently sold out but you can get on the wait list by simply emailing our Director of Registration Rick Fyffe at  Cancellations usually happen all the way up to the event start so go register and email Rick to get on the wait list. As a note you MUST be registered for PHiP’s MOTM to get on the wait list for the Casa.

PHiP’s MOTM Charity Gift Basket Raffle – A Note from Joe and Lorene

We hope that you’ve had the chance to talk with your committee members, club members, people on the street, and anybody that will listen to you, about donating a basket to the MOTM basket raffle.  In past years, we have had such a great & wide variety of baskets available for people to purchase raffle tickets for & are sure that this year will be no different.   The basket that your club donates allows you to brag about your club, state, area & your members – so why not let the rest of the phlock see what you are so proud of. There will be shipping information in our next update.

As you’ve noticed from the previous e-mails from Andrew, this year there will be an increase in the amount of music at the Casa & times of operations of the mini mart, which will also mean an increase in the time to shop, enjoy the venue & shop some more.  That being said,  we find that the Gift Basket Raffle table will be in need of a few more volunteer ticket sellers to better serve the needs of our wonderful MOTM attendees.  As in the past we will be offering flexibility on shifts, ability to sell tickets during registration, selling tickets on The Casa grounds (which will allow you to enjoy the music, the great Florida weather and the many other activities including the blood drive & group pictures); heck you may even find other volunteer activities that are of interest to you – – you just never know.  If you have the time to help, we have a place for you. If you have any questions about the basket raffle, please contact:  Joe & Lorene
That’s all for now!  Until next time I’ll see you, down the road.


Andrew Talbert
Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc.

PHiP Director of Conventions

Lone Palm Foundation Board Member

PHiP’s 28th Annual Meeting of the Minds

Key West, Florida “License to Chill”

Angels in Tropical Shirts






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