President’s Notes October 2019


Here’s a challenge for all you Parrot Head PHriends. It’s easy, fun and a quick way to make it through the October, November and December, festivities! We all love this time of year, but it brings with it a lot of demands like parties, shopping, cooking (my least favorite), travel, etc. Try this out! Just smile, giggle, grin, chuckle and laugh as much as you possibly can! Take life and yourself less seriously and look on the bright side! Laugh at your mistakes, you can try again! Your smile is a powerful tool. It’s a gift we all possess to make ourselves and those around us happy! In fact, start today! Next time I see you, I’ll be grinning, and I’ll expect to see your smiling face looking back!

Got you smiling yet? We have many opportunities for you to try out this challenge beginning with the November 1 Phlocking, our building float workshops for the Christmas parade on Wednesdays and Sundays, our annual Christmas Party Phlocking on December 6 and the Santa Crawl on December 7! See our newsletter for details or visit us at Add to this challenge a “Party with a Purpose!” See you soon. Jan H. President.

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