President’s Notes March 2020

What single word can you find that can turn someone’s day around for the better? Many come to mind…peace, joy, hope, compassion and more. But, the best of these is “LOVE!” With love in our hearts, what we say and what we do for others will strengthen and encourage ourselves and others as we work together to get through the craziness!

As you know, our club events and other community events are suspended, not by choice. Hopefully, we will have a clearer picture in a few weeks to make further decisions. Life as we know it continues to change every day and we have a long road ahead of us! We have the opportunity today and every day to take time to think of others and what we can do to make their day better. Many of you are already doing that by supporting our local businesses with gift cards, takeout orders, etc., and are serving as volunteers to help those in need. You are the best of the best! With a little bit of luck and love, we will come out of this stronger, better and ready to again “PARTY WITH A PURPOSE!” Until then with love, Jan H. Pres.

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