Reservations for April 18th Buffet concert


Deadline to Reserve:  JANUARY 15, 5 P.M.

This offer is for EIPHC members only.  Your reservation will be confirmed from our membership listing. You will reserve your ticket and/or bus tickets only.  You will be obligated to pay for what you have reserved herein on a later date by further contact from EIPHC.  

This site will allow you to reserve tickets and bus trip for the upcoming Buffett concert in Raleigh on April 18, 2020.  As noted in previous emails, this information is needed early in order to reserve tickets. The “Inside Tickets” will be purchased through the club and allows you to sit with other Parrot Head Clubs in reserved section. The “Lawn tickets” are not yet on sale and costs are unknown but we need a fixed number to purchase in bulk for those who reserve through the club.  Update 1/13/2020 – YOU MUST PURCHASE LAWN TICKETS DIRECTLY FROM TICKETMASTER, BUT YOU CAN STILL RIDE THE BUS!! The bus seats 47 and will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.  

Reserve your tickets here