From Dog Daze August to Sweet September

From Dog Daze August to Sweet September

The heat & humidity of summer have been sticking with us (literally) but that didn’t stop the PHlock from busting out a great 10th Anniversary celebration starting out with an oversized PHriday night PHlocking.  A huge crowd packed the Tiki bar patio at the E Club on a beautiful night to start off the weekend celebration complete with the Mayor of our fine Isle proclaiming Parrot Head Weekend in Emerald Isle and praising the Club for its’ community service.  Our buds Scearce and Ketner showed up with a full size band in tow who joined in the fun and cranked out some amazing tunes to the applause and dancing feet of the Parrot Head crew.  Thanks to the E Club’s generosity, Eddie laid out a great spread of tasty grub and the E Club ladies gave out lots of hats, leis and other bling to add to the festive atmosphere.  Big birds for the event, Jan & Rene, made sure we had some insane games to play to keep everyone mixing and laughing while Maggie R. and Leannna worked hard signing up new members and hawking “offishul” Parrot Head T shirts.  Fun for everyone!

After a little R&R on Saturday, we moved on to the main event of the weekend, our day long Island/Sandbar Party out on Pelican Island bringing out 175 folks not counting dogs and parakeets (young Parrot Head wannabes) who came by skiff, shrimper, kayak, sail, houseboat, and other means of nautical transportation (including wading over from the mainland; not recommended but doable at low tide) to have a great time in the sun, sand, and water.  Of course there was tons of great grilled up food and sides (chefs James, Bob, and Jack with a host of helpers made sure no one went hungry).  Aquatic wonder Sue roped off a swimming area that quickly filled with bodies and floats, more games, water balloons, and constant music from island hoppers Scearce & Ketner added to the fun.  After a worrisome start of dark clouds, the day turned out perfect.  A great way to celebrate a 10th anniversary with laughter and good friends.

So, wassup next?   None other than our The Coast is Clear Under the Pier Party on September 16th where Parrot Heads and friends gather on the beach near the Pier to chill out and celebrate the slowdown of the season as many of our visitors retreat back home after a good vacation and visit to the beach.  There will be lots of games, rowdiness, good food, and raffles for a variety of generously donated items from local merchants and individuals.  This year all donations and raffle proceeds will go to Island Cat Allies and O.W.L.S.  Big Birds Michael and Mendy with their crew are working hard to make this year’s event even bigger and better than last year; looking forward to a great time at the beach!  Also, keep an eye out for our Adopt A Highway pick up some Saturday in September or early October to spiff up the entrance to the Isle over the bridge.

And oh yeah, you better not forget to wish a big ol’ HAPPY BIRTHDAY to those Parrot Heads who entered the world in September:  Duane Brown, Bob “Too Tall” Horner, Sherri Randall, Cindy Smith, Sandra Flowe, Mary “Zumba” Adams, Theresa Lewis, Jessica Frosch, Judy Dobler, Noland Parham, Chris Donaldson, Jo Wieciech, Jack Luther, Deborah Upchurch, Jason “The Son” Stone, Hunter Synan, Scott King, Mike Love, Kate “Colonel” Tate, Lee Ann “Itty Bit” Grissom, Tammy Griffin, and Dorothy Curtin.

Check out the Parrot Head website at and join in the good times, partying with a purpose.  Give back to your community by helping out charitable organizations and endeavors making where we all live an even better place.  Stay safe and we’ll see y’all around the Isle!   Ken

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