Another Parrot Head Year


Another Parrot Head Year

Well, another year flew by for Parrot Heads and friends and we’re all looking forward to even more good times and help for our community in 2013. Catching all y’all up on the remains of 2012, we finished out the year with a couple of grand finales. Remember last month’s article (do you even remember what you had for breakfast? Funny, I don’t remember being absent minded…) where we said we’d share pics of our PHantastic PHloat in the Christmas parade? We had a blast building it with a PHlock of creative Parrot Heads (partying all the way, Ho Ho Ho…) and we even won a $100 prize for our entry which in true Parrot Head spirit, we donated to The Salvation Army. Followed by a drop off of the Coastal Outlet trolley and dumping the plane in front of the Emerald Club, we partied on with Chris, Allie, and Jason singing tunes in the chilly Tiki bar at the Emerald Club. Could have used some hot chocolate!

Everyone was busy getting ready for Christmas and the holidays but we managed to have a huge turnout at our Christmas party with games (we’re easily amused), tons of tasty chow, great tunes from Chris, Allie, and Jason of 4 Everall, and lots and lots of laughter. The typical Parrot Head generosity came out as we filled up 4 huge boxes with toys for the Toys for Tots program and also piled up stacks of canned goods for Amber’s (Mike’s kind hearted grandaughter) Food Drive for the local food banks. Giving back to our communities is what we do best (with a party with a purpose flavor). We DO have one heck of a good time at whatever we do, and perhaps the proof of that is that our little local Parrot Head Club raised and donated $6700 to various local charities last year, and provided plenty of help and volunteer hours to a variety of non-profit organizations that all play such an important role in our communities. We now are approaching 300 members locally and are part of the Parrot Head nation that now has 239 clubs worldwide in the U.S, Canada, and Australia and raised 4.1 million dollars for charity last year, with almost 28,000 members all partying with a purpose in their communities. For more info, check out our local website at or the national website at Better still, come on out and join in the fun and community projects; we meet at the Emerald Club the first PHriday night of the month at 7:00.

And hey! Don’t forget to wish our December babies a Happy Happy Birthday. They be: Bonnie “Founder” Forkey, Scott Jones, Maggie Jensen, Jan Mitchener,

Dicky “Music Man” Scearce, Ken Sanders, Harry McDonald, Steve Heverly, Alex Davis, Roma “MacDaddy” Browder, Mel Fairchild, Kelly “Fishin’” Lewis, Bryant Mitchell, Leanna “The Kid” Dyer, Carl “Coastie” Rauschenberg, Billy Alford, George Brumbelow, Linda McGowen, James Bunn, Bill Thomas, Glenn Musser, Kevin “Photo” Geraghty, Greg Stenzel, Ginger Johnson, Margaret Penny, Loretta Alexander, Lisa Cannady, Cecil Davis Jr., and Buck “Big Daddy” Browder. Phew! Musta been a whole lot of Spring flings going on in March to get so many December babies! We’re really glad they’re all here to play with us.

O.K., time to turn the calendar page over, get used to writing 2013 as the date, and remember although some days you’re the dog and other days it seems like you’re the hydrant, IT’S ALL GOOD! You’re alive in a great area surrounded by fun loving, caring Parrot Heads; savor every second of it! Be safe and kind out there, and we’ll see all y’all around Town. Ken

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