Spring has Sprung for Parrot Heads!

Spring has Sprung for Parrot Heads!

By: Ken Stone

The beginning of the warm season… YAY!  It’s gonna keep getting better and better as we ramp up for the coming season!  Parrot Heads started out the merry month of March with our PHriday PHlocking paying homage to St. Patrick with lots of PHolks a-wearin’ the green and getting happy feet to an Irish jig or two and lots of great tunes from 4Ever All.  Plenty of games, great food, and laughter as usual.  Even had a 50/50 raffle with Rowdy Rene choosing to send the winning pot on to a family in need.  Lots of sign-ups for coming events amidst the fun and plans for the huge E.I. St. Patrick’s Day Festival and the Parrot Head booth.  But first, a crew of 22 Parrot Heads woke up Saturday morning (not too early of course) to help out the NC Coastal Federation in cleaning up and trail maintenance at Hoop Pole Creek.  The best (or worst) find this year was oddly, a full set of men’s clothing; go figure??  Anyway, Parrot Heads, Federation folks, and other volunteers left the environs around the creek looking pristine and natural; a good deed.

On to the big event for the month:  The Emerald Isle St. Patrick’s Day Festival where we set up our booth on a gorgeous day complete with a 22 item Riff Raff Raffle of great goodies donated by generous Parrot Head members and local merchants, with all funds going to this year’s worthy charity, The Carteret County Domestic Violence Program.  Lots of sunshine, laughter,  and tons of people made for a fabulous day.  We were also able to pass along info on the Program and there were lots of happy raffle winners announced and contacted at the end of the day.   As usual, we had a rip roaring good time (that’s what Parrot Heads do, Party With a Purpose) while raising and donating $964 to the Domestic Violence Program.   Now $964 seemed like an odd number, so we threw in a few extra bucks to round it up to $1000; know the program can certainly put the funds to good use.  Aside from the raffle, we set up our pirate cut out for free photo ops, promoted the Parrot Head Club and some of our upcoming activities, signed up new members, gave out a bunch of green beads and bling, had Party On the Parrot flying around the booth getting photos with kids and adults alike, saw some green hair coloring come out, and joined in the general great time of the entire Festival.  The Town does an incredible job of pulling this huge and festive event together and we’re always happy to participate in it.  Next time you see some of the E.I. Town staff or Business Association folks, tell them THANKS!

As April flows on in we’ve got a busy calendar, so come on out and join us for some community spirited fun:

  •  April 5 – PHirst PHriday PHlocking with the theme of “Scavenger Skills” to get PHolks pumped for the next day’s town-wide Scavenger Hunt and tunes by Scearce & Ketner.
  • April 6 – Town-wide Scavenger Hunt starting with registration at The Emerald Club
  • April 11 – New Member Welcome & Social at Senor Dick’s Piano Bar
  • April 13 – Adopt a Highway Spring Litter Pickup

That’s April, but don’t forget to schedule May 18 for participation in our annual Beach Bicycle Poker Run to benefit Hope for the Warriors; you don’t want to miss this!  And while you’re scheduling things, you should remember to wish a big Happy Birthday to those Parrot Heads who made their debut into the world during the month of April.  They be: Phyllis Harke, Jordan Williams, Susan Johnson, Wendy Merrill, Steve Hoyle, Ty “Water Master” Cannon, Annie Hughes, Matt Teachey, Mystie Turnage, Russell Burgess, Valerie Johnson, Matt “Mr. E. Club” Morel, James “El Presidente” Hicks, Diane Hulse, Gary Schroeder, Dan Grainger, Kim Venters, Bob Messig, Debbie Blondin, and Catherine Hudson.

The season’s upon us so take a deep breath, be kind to those around you, and of course… don’t be an April Fool (or any other month for that matter)… get a designated driver if you’re having a cold one.  Life moves pretty fast; if you don’t stop to look around once in a while you could miss it.  See y’all around the Isle; peace out!   Ken

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