National Parrot Head Convention

Every November (first weekend) the National Parrot Head Organization puts together a convention in Key West that is outstanding and so much fun.  Ken and I have gone twice and the music venues, street fairs and gatherings of Parrot Heads from around the world is something every Parrot Head should do at least once.   All you have to do to get details is to go to and use the drop down list to find MOTM (Meeting of the Minds).  They have a different theme every year and this year it is Havana Daydreaming, 10/29-11/2/14.  Anyone interested? Email me at  So far the following Parrot Heads are signed up; Jan and James Hicks, Bobbie Raub and Jeanne LaVana, Rita Babich, Karin Woodruff and  we have interest from the following: Stones, Bonnie Forkey, Dyers and Potenbergs.   The cut off for registration is September 30th or when they reach 3500.

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