The Emerald Isle St. Patty’s Day Festival reminder

IMG_2586March 14th (Saturday)

Coordinators :Jason Holland & Ken Stone.

We will have a Riff Raff Raffle where we have up to 20 items (donations from Parrot Heads and local merchants) and folks buy tickets and put them in the basket of the item(s) they want to win. We are in need of 15-20 items with a value of $15 and up.  People buy tickets and put tickets in the basket of the item they want to win.  So there are lots of winners.  THIS IS WHERE WE REALLY NEED SOME HELP!!!!!  Items can be from merchants, if you have connections or are a frequent buyer or it can be something that you make with your Parrot Head skills…..but nothing can contain alcohol (so no baskets of wine etc.) Gift certificates work great as well.  The fundraiser raffle will benefit a fairly new organization Family Promise,that serves homeless families.  A group of churches in Morehead City rotate housing the families at night and serving them an evening meal and in the morning the families are transported to their day center where children are picked up for school and parent(s) work on finding jobs and shelter and working to resolve their homeless situations.  Come on out and help us, help this organization that is filling a vital need.

The sign up sheet to work a shift will be at the PHlocking or you can email Maggie Rauschenberg at to add your name to the list. We have all slots filled but want a list of alternates if something comes up and has to back out.

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