Report from the March 2015 Phlocking

2011 Fun!  Jan-Feb 063Last month (March) there was a sea of green at the Emerald Club! Everybody was decked out, and the Limerick contest was hilarious! All of the limericks were personalized and dedicated to some of our favorite Parrotheads! There was a tie for the winning Limerick, Jesse Holland, Bobbi Raub and Betty Strader.  Congratulations ladies!  A last minute entry was recited by Joel Dunn.  Who also won for his ability to memorize.

Leonard Crumpler won the 50-50 raffle $81 going to domestic violence.

Janice Harrell lead us in the Shamrock Shuffle, The dance floor filled up quickly and it was soooo much fun! You can find Janice every Wednesday night at 7 o’clock at Salt if you want to get your dance moves on.

Thanks to Mike and Pat for the chicken wings, chili and as always for making us feel welcome!

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