Christmas Float Plans & Work Schedule

So basically we are planning to get together on Wednesdays and Sundays barring rain.  Come when you can for as long as you can on any of the following days.  In keeping with tradition, you are welcome to bring some food or beverage to share (or consume yourself…whatever works)  Jean Jensen (607-759-7159)  will be the point person.   We will meet on Sundays and Wednesdays starting around 12:30 at “Stonesend” 9701 Ashley Place. All help is welcome!

Wed 10/28
Sun 11/1
Wed 11/4
Sun 11/8
Wed 11/11
Sun 11/15
Wed 11/18
Sat 11/21
Sun 11/22
Fri 11/27
PARADE 11/28

Supplies needed (subject to change, check to see if plans still require) – talk to people to help us get what we need donated and then we will hopefully have to purchase very little

* Paint:  red, green, white, primer, browns, black, blue
* buckets of sand (should not be a problem…don’t need till last minute)
*  2-4 low beach chairs
*  pool noodles
*  garland
*  green & white balloons
* cardboard coffee jackets
*  styrofoam and wire (for grass)

1 week before

* cedar/pine boughs (fresh)
* tall grasses

for Puppets

*tall poles
* flour
*carpenter belts
* old sheets  (need to talk colors from mask info)
*dye & spray bottles
*newspaper & paper bags (final brown layer)

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