Parrothead Captains do well in Swansboro Flotilla!

Emerald Isle Parrotheads Captain Jason Holland and Captain Joel Dunn each took home a prize this year in the annual Swansboro Christmas Flotilla. This event is held each year on the Friday after Thanksgiving. This year the weather was warm and pleasant, so thousands of people flocked to Swansboro for the event, lining the waterfront and the White Oak River bridge.

Captain Jason and crew took 3rd place in the large boat category (22 feet and over), with a Christmas Smiley Face with Christmas trees and tons of white lights on his 24′ pontoon, and Captain Joel and crew took 2nd (to the usual winner, the Swan) in the small boat category (21 feet and under) on the Defined Benefit, a 21′ center console, with the Christmas by the Sea (sea creatures around a Christmas tree).

Captain Jason's boat
Captain Jason’s boat – nice job for his first entry!


Captain Joel's Defined Benefit decked out for the Flotilla
Captain Joel’s Defined Benefit decked out for the Flotilla


We can’t wait until next year! Y’all make plans to come to EI and Swansboro to see the Flotilla on the Friday after Thanksgiving next year!

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