Jimmy Buffett’s very first SiriusXM Artist Confidential

Music December 19, 2016 Author: Kirsten Winquist

Hello! Kirsten Winquist here from Radio Margaritaville. I am so excited to share Jimmy Buffett’s very first SiriusXM Artist Confidential on Radio Margaritaville TODAY at 5pm Eastern and Pacific! (you can see the full re-play schedule below)

A little behind the scenes on this session…our SiriusXM performance theater is lovingly called “the fishbowl” by staffers. It’s called this because it’s a 20’ x 20’ space enclosed entirely by glass and yes, we managed to fit Jimmy, the entire Coral Reefer Band PLUS instruments and ME into that small space. Now, despite the glass and the tight fit, the acoustics are incredible. My chair was squeezed into a corner about two feet from Mac McAnally’s face and maybe three feet from Jimmy’s. Being in a room that packed with amazing musicians and listening to the sound pouring from them in such close quarters is an experience that I will never forget! It reminded me why I started doing this radio thing and why I still love it so much. Jimmy was jovial, talkative, and genuinely excited to be there performing for people. We had a small audience of SiriusXM subscribers and parrot heads (outside of the glass) there to enjoy the very intimate recording session with Jimmy. After performing four songs from ‘Tis The SeaSon and answering plenty of questions, Jimmy casually walked out of the fishbowl & chatted with people making sure to take a picture with every fan (and quite a few staffers) that had fought the chilly NY weather to see him perform.

Thank you, Jimmy and the Coral Reefer Band for joining us on a cold winter day to spread Holiday cheer and share your music with us!

Radio Margaritaville Jimmy Buffett Artist Confidential re-play schedule:

Monday 12/19 8pm
Tuesday 12/20 8am, Noon, 6pm
Wednesday 12/21 10am, 3pm, 9pm
Thursday 12/22 9am, 1pm, Midnight
Friday 12/23 10am, 11pm
Saturday 12/24 6am, Noon, 10pm
Sunday 12/25 7am, 7pm, Midnight

All times Eastern.

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