26th Annual Meeting of the Minds 2017 “We’re Still Here” November 1 – November 5, 2017 in Key West, Florida

Hello Parrot Heads! I am sending you an update to let you know that 
FRIDAY NIGHT SEPTEMBER 15th at midnight the registration web page will turn off for MOTM 2017!  There will be no extension as we have deadlines to print and order items needed for the event. Register NOW!

HURRICANE IRMA..What is currently known…
I am getting email from some of you who have registered and some who are waiting to register. I have been following the storm closely with the Casa Marina staff as well as all of the local verified information that can be sent out from a town with no current water, power, cell service, or internet.
Note that there is very minimal hotel staff on the ground with limited communication capability as we are only 24 hours after the storm hit Key West. What I am told is the Casa Marina and the Reach have been spared major damage. An assessment is being made that may take several days. The early word is there is no structural damage to the Casa Marina or the Reach and just clean up!  This was mostly a wind event with not as much water as some previous storms in the hotel location. I have seen video and photos of the town as I am sure you have. There is no water, power, or cell service in the lower keys currently. Given millions are without power in Florida this could take some time to correct. We are just under two months until the start of the event.
Are we planning to have an event? YES. Are there some things that have to be repaired and ready? YES. Are there are thousands of first responders and utilities repair crews pouring into Florida from all over the country? YES. The repairs will be made as fast as humanly possible. Do I think the repairs will complete well before Meeting of the Minds from what I am told? YES. I will update you when all the utility services are restored and verified from by the city and the Casa Marina management.
As most of you know Key West is one of the strongest communities in America and everyone wants the tourists back in town as soon as possible. The community will recover quickly and nothing could be better for Key West than to have massive PARROT HEAD support at Meeting of the Minds 2017! We need YOU there in November!!
Lone Palm Foundation
Don’t forget. As always we will have a live auction at Meeting of the Minds 2017 with lots of great Jimmy Buffett autographed items and other things to help support the Lone Palm Foundation. With all of the recent hurricanes there are donations coming in from all over the country and money going to Parrot Heads to help with recovery efforts. If you want additional information about how Parrot Heads are helping other Parrot Heads with natural disaster relief go have a look at the Lone Palm Foundation website:   https://lonepalmfoundation.org/
Upcoming MOTM Communication
You are already seeing email about all of our MOTM events…you will start seeing more emails about the Blood Drive, the Toy Drive, The Zonta Walk, and all kinds of things relating to MOTM 2017. The email will come in batches with contact information to answer all your questions!
Do you have a MOTM Registration Question?
Contact our Director of Registration Rick Fyffe via email at rjfyffe1@ymail.com
Are you going to MOTM for the first time? Do you have questions? Do you want to share a room or a ride?  Well there is a new place for you to talk to the entire Parrot Head nation about MOTM. It is the online MOTM forum. Go join and check it out! This is a place for everyone to help each other, ask questions, and make the whole MOTM experience even better. Here is the link:
Until next time, I’ll see you, down the road…
Andrew Talbert
Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc.
PHiP Director of Conventions
Meeting of the Minds
Key West, Florida  “We’re Still Here'”

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