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FROM THE PERCH: Jan Hicks Shares her Thoughts:
May 2018

We are family! Yep, to achieve our goals, we work together and are united in every way. You may not think that we play a part in the “big picture,” but we really do! Our volunteers make amazing things happen when we Party with a Purpose!

James and I just returned from a trip to Margaritaville at Wyndham Del Mar in Puerto Rico. We were excited about visiting San Juan, not only to experience the fun of a vacation, but to see for ourselves the state of the island and its people. Wow, what a welcome we had beginning with frozen Margaritas at check-in. During the week, when asked, folks shared terrifying stories of the hurricane, how they dealt with it and how they feel now. Let me share just a couple…
From Jami: It was devastating, everything was black, no light, no phone, no radio, nothing worked. I have a 3-yr. old and live with my mother. The hotel was closed, and we had no jobs. However, this company (Wyndham) continued to pay those who could not rotate to other jobs. I rotated to Florida and worked for 2 months until I could come back and work here. I am so grateful!
From Roberto: I rushed home to save my dogs. The house was flooding like crazy. I knew we would die if we stayed. I lost everything I worked for all my life. Hey, but I got a job, I have my children and 11 grandchildren. I rent a small apartment and I’m still here (with my puppies)! I’m good.

There were so many more stories I haven’t enough space to share with you. The most memorable part of the trip will be the experience of meeting these brave people and leaving the beautiful island knowing that they have a positive outlook on themselves, their island and their future!

I can’t help but reflect on my family of PH’s and how our work contributes to the elderly, the homeless, the children, the less fortunate, the animals, the environment and so much more. Not only is our local club ranked 5th in the world (for 2017) with 511 members, but the PH Nation together experienced $4,067,644 in fundraising and 197,965 in volunteer hours for 2017! We are so blessed!

Please keep our Puerto Rican friends in your prayers. Oh yeah, we shared our stories and pictures of Parrot Heads with them and they know how to Party with a Purpose!

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