Important Island/Sand Bar Party Info

August 5 – Sunday -1:00 PM Island/Sand Bar Party at Pelican Island Parrot Heads and friends will arrive by boat, kayak, canoe, or other(?) for a time that we get together and relax, enjoy each other’s company and spend a fun-filled day at the beach swimming, eating, playing games, and listening to great music. Below are items that need SPECIAL ATTENTION so that your attendance will go without a glitch and you can get your party on. (Pelican Island is across from the Swansboro Yacht Club and has a small dock and large American Flag)

2. A SIGNED WAIVER IS REQUIRED. This is a new requirement. The waiver can be signed at the PHlocking on Friday, August 3, or you can sign upon your arrival on the Island. A registration station will be set up at the PHlocking and on the Island or if using Parrot Head boat pickup, you must sign the waiver before the boat can leave the dock. Wristbands will be issued on the Island for all those who have signed. THE WRISTBAND MUST BE WORN IN ORDER TO ATTEND.
3. FERRY: We have two boats for pickup of participants. They will run from 12:30 p.m until 2:30 p.m, to and from Swansboro Town Dock, in 15 to 30 minute intervals. Return trips will begin at 4, so our Captains Jason Holland and Steve Johnson get a chance to chill and hang out for a bit of the party. We may even save some food for them.
4. HOT DOGS/HAMBURGERS, The cooks will grill the meat prior to and during the party. However, the grill closes at 2 so make sure you are there in time to grab your share.
5. Please bring a dish to share and your own beverage of choice.
6. SWIMMING AREA. You are advised to stay within the designated swimming area since often there are currents that could take you away or place you right in front of a boat. YIKES!
7. WATER SHOES AND SUN SCREEN. Water shoes are a great way to avoid shell cuts and pelican poo! Also, don’t forget your sun screen.
8. UMBRELLA, TENTS AND CHAIRS, are highly recommended for your comfort and shade.
9. SAFETY. There’s some poison ivy, slippery mud, spotty weeds and bushes, and a very ugly potty waiting. Additionally, a bunch of boats will be sharing the same site, so be sure to keep your wits about you and help look after each other.
Just so you know, this is the Annual event where we “fun raise”. No money involved, just a way to thank our members for doing such good things all year. The Club provides hamburgers, hotdogs, rolls and condiments, a few games, a swimming spot, music and all y’all provide the fun, a dish to share and chairs, umbrellas, sunglasses and sun screen. No dogs allowed (due to food stealing, spilled drinks and general mayhem) Everyone is invited and you can bring guests but it is not a public event.

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