EIPHC President’s Notes, September 2018

ONE LOVE!!! Last night I attended a post hurricane celebration at the Emerald Club where I listened to one of my favorite bands, Spare Change, and ate my favorite meal, BBQ! I chatted, laughed, danced, sang, and hugged and kissed my sweet family and dear friends, old and new! It was great to see everyone safe, truly happy, and allowing themselves to enjoy life in the aftermath of Flo.

As I looked across the crowd, I spotted many who I knew suffered from loss of property, emotional stress, financial loss, and even displacement. I also saw those who worked tirelessly to support, cleanup, rebuild, cook, serve meals, and provide kindness and nurturing to those in need. Some who suffered from losses themselves reached out and served others less fortunate from the storm. Every person with whom I spoke was “thankful” regardless of their situation! What a beautiful sight to witness them all, still tired and worn-out, “get together and feel alright.”

Many of you Parrot Heads have been affected one way or the other from Flo and have served or been served with love from each other ! Stay strong and know that nothing is forever and “this too shall pass!” With ONE LOVE we will work together to restore and rebuild our community back to a safe and beautiful place to live, laugh and play as we continue to “Party with a Purpose.” Jan H.

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