President’s Notes August 2019

WHO ARE WE? Of course, we are fans of Jimmy Buffett, singer, songwriter, author and businessman. But, being a Parrot Head is so much more. It’s a state of mind! Age has nothing to do with it. We love the lifestyle, the party, the ocean, the sunshine, and a relaxed sense of freedom. It allows us to express our feelings and creativity, in whatever manner we choose, to escape from life’s rat race into our own little tropical paradise, if only for a little while.

WE ARE EVERYWHERE! You probably know a few of us and don’t even realize it. Parrot Heads are business owners, doctors, sales reps, lawyers, bankers, police officers, college students, bartenders, musicians, carpenters, grandparents, and maybe even your neighbor. We come from all walks of life! Through our common interests, we come together to support causes in every area of our surrounding communities.

AND, WE OFFER GREAT BENEFITS! The Emerald Isle Parrot Head Club and all parrot head clubs are open to anyone with the tropical spirit and the desire to contribute positively to the betterment of their little corner of the world. Our events offer us opportunities to “Party with a Purpose” among old and new friends! Visit our website at to learn more and become a part of this PHUN group! See you soon! Jan Hicks

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