We’re PHlocking to Coastal Credit Union Music Park (Walnut Creek) on 4/18/20 to party at Jimmy’s “Escape to Margaritaville” concert and “It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere” joint Tailgate Party with PHofNC of Raleigh! We’re doing this right PHolks!

Here’s the scoop:

  • Concert Tickets still available from most online services beginning from $68 to $87. Example: Tickpick.com has no fees, beginning at $87. Order yours NOW! In addition, I have 2 reserved inside club seats for members in good standing only, selling for someone who can’t go. $150 ea.
  •  Bus Tickets still available @ $40 round trip, leaving from Publix parking lot at 9am sharp. Hey, you can sleep on the bus!
  •  Reserved Parrot Head Parking and Tailgate Space (Raleigh and EI clubs) with no early parking fee of $20.  Live Nation is opening the parking lot at 12 noon for PH’s only.  Cars must convoy together at gate in order to take advantage of this space.  Bus will be parked nearby and items from Bus will be transported by truck to tailgate party/parking. Details will follow. UNLESS YOU CONVOY, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARK HERE.
  •  “5 O’CLOCK SOMEWHERE” Tailgate Party is a combined party hosted by EIPHC and PHofNC clubs.  We are providing music from our 2 PHavorite musicians, JT PARROTHEAD and  BAREFOOT WADE who will alternate playing from 2 – 7 pm. Visit their Facebook or Websites to learn more about them! If you don’t know Wade, he’ll be riding with us on the bus! A crowd of PHolks will be joining us for the party
  •  Your Essentials and Your Responsibility is easy! Wear your Parrot Head best, straw hats, parrot/shark hats, grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts, be creative. Bring decorations. The Bus has ample room underneath for coolers, lawn chairs, tents, tables, etc. Small coolers and snacks will be allowed on bus.  WHATEVER YOU PARTAKE ON THE BUS YOU CLEAN UP YOURSELF SO BRING TRASH BAG! Shared snacks and food will be greatly appreciated at the tailgating. We may chip in together for extra food, Details will follow. Display your PHeathers proudly, act responsibly for yourself and to others and take care of each other. Most important, bring your best Parrot Head State of Mind!!!!!!!!!

ARE YOU READY TO JOIN US? I CAN GET YOU ON THE BUS OR ADD YOU TO THE CONVOY! EMAIL ME, president@emeraldisleparrotheads.com, OR SEE ME AT THE PHLOCKING on MARCH 6. PHeeling Excited! Jan H., Pres.

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