President’s Notes August 2020

Greetings! Here we are at the end of August and remain in a “holding pattern!”  Since March,  we have cancelled all in-person events, meetings and phlockings, except for our two beach cleanup events which had limited attendance. Although the DIVA Walk remains on the calendar in October, it depends on the state of the Pandemic at that time as to how it will be held and if it can be held.  Same thing goes for the Santa Crawl in December.  Our float plans are scratched and that about sums it up to date.

Question: Is there something brighter on the horizon?

Answer: We’re working on it! The Board is meeting  in September. We’ll be searching ways that our members can come together to support our local charities, business owners and musicians, while continuing to put health and safety first.  As you know, social distancing is not an easy thing for Parrot Heads! Our plans will be based on existing safety guidelines, members’ comfort levels and choices while still maintaining club activity. News and events will continue to be announced in your Newsletter and posted on social media and email. Please bear with us phriends while we continue to wait out this storm. We will “Party with a Purpose” again! Phins up! Jan H

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