President’s Notes, December 2020

“BIRDS OF A PHEATHER PHLOCK TOGETHER!” That’s what we do under normal (whatever that is) circumstances.  We share common interests for the island lifestyle, partying with a purpose, and working together to improve our surroundings. This past year has been difficult and frustrating! We canceled nearly all events and were forced to hold our monthly PHlockings virtually, which were few and far between!

But guess what?  WE’RE STILL HERE! Nothing could prove this any better than the 2020 Island Santa Bar Crawl and its huge success. We defied all odds and worked together as a PHlock to provide many wishes for Make-A-Wish, ENC and the wish kids of Carteret County! Our perseverance paid off!

So, I say “Bring it on 2021!”  We will remain hopeful and do what we can do, not what we can’t.  We’ll continue to search for what is meaningful and good and be involved in making our world a little better than the way we found it! And finally, when allowed to PHlock, and actually hug and see each other’s smiling faces, we’ll celebrate life and love with one ‘Helluva’ Party! Happy New Year ya’ll with your PHins up! Jan H. President

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