President’s Notes February 2021

We’re still here! It’s the end of February and the beginning of March which promises Spring and warmer weather! Lyrics from Jimmy tell us to  “Pick up the Pieces, Hit the Road Again. The World is What You Make it.” That’s exactly what EIPHC is going to do! I’m so excited about the events coming up! But first, if you haven’t registered for the “Phluff the Phlock” zoom meeting, STOP what you’re doing and do it now!  Registration is found on our website at in the menu.  You must register by March 1 to be a part of the planning on March 7 and to learn what great things are headed your way in 2021!

Please review carefully the events found in your March Newsletter and mark your calendars! Come join us for our first Phlocking of the year on Sunday, March 21 from 3 to 5 pm at the E-Club. Note that it is scheduled at a different date and time than our usual monthly phlockings, However, it guarantees a great time of phun phellowship with plenty of room to safely distance outside.  In addition, the phlocking serves as a food drive for Martha’s Mission  either by your attendance or drive-by.  Get out your prized baseball gear and I’ll see you at the “SWING INTO SPRING FOOD DRIVE.”  Can’t wait to “Party with a Purpose,” with YOU!!! Jan H., Pres.

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