“FLOWER POWER” June 4 Phlocking, 7pm, E-Club

“Flower Power” promotes the idea of “peace and love” as a means of changing the world! “Parrot Heads” do too!  Express your “Flower Power” at our June Phlocking with “flowers in your hair, flowers everywhere!”  Pull out those tube tops, tye-dye shirts, and bright floral dresses! Deck out in head bands, scarves, and peace signs.  Matt will provide the phun with food, live music, and special drinks at the E-Club.  AND, to symbolize our “Flower Power,” all proceeds from the 50/50 raffle will be used to  cover expenses related to our newest community project! Sign up at the phlocking and work with James, Carol & Cris the following morning, June 5, at 10:00 on “Beautification Day.”  We’ll be cleaning up and planting flowers in the gardens of the tiny “Butterfly Park” located in front of the water tower at the poiice station on Emerald Isle. “Let’s Party Like it’s 1969!”

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