The day was blessed! There are so many folks to thank, so many that I can’t name them all.  However, I do want to take this opportunity to acknowledge my committee members who helped bring this event together from beginning to end! They are rock stars! First, there was my wife, Jan, who encouraged and coached me through the entire process. Then came Paul Musco, who shared the vision and allowed us to phlock in his beautiful water park! Moh Traini played my “second in charge,” and put up with me without jail time! Allison, Mike McCarson, and daughter, Mikaela McCarson, collectively marketed the event, established its own website, posters, car decals, “duck” ducks, just to name a few! Cindy and Mike New provided our musicians with lodging and meals, and unbeatable hospitality. They all want to come back next year! George Martin provided and supervised the wine and beer products! Pam Corey and Donna Grady took charge of the local marketing of our event on our own media, newspapers, and radio stations!

I couldn’t have done it without our valued sponsors who graciously contributed their time and money to FFMF! Many of them have supported EIPHC for years and others joined them this year with enthusiasm and style! These people are the best of the best and work hard to support and make our community and surrounding area a better place to live! They are posted all over www.eitroprock.com as well as on our Facebook page. Please visit them often and thank them for their support. Thanks so much for your belief and trust in this project!

A huge “shout out” goes to GAFFER’S restaurant for feeding our VIP participants! They donated an array of delicious local seafood, wings, veggie trays, and more! Red and Ashley once again shared their compassion to “give back,” and revealed that Gaffer’s is one of the best restaurants in our neighborhood! Delish!

Forty-plus volunteers worked tirelessly and helped set up and take down the stage, tents, tables, and signage. They also oversaw bag checks, ID checks, registration, sell of admission tickets, drink tickets, water distribution, 50/50 tickets, and supervision of VIP section. I am also grateful to the representatives of Semper Fi & America’s Fund for coming and showing their support for the worthy cause they represent! Whew, I’m sure I left something out like emptying trash cans, sweeping and cleaning, and more; but it all was taken care of without asking!

Last, but certainly not least, I thank the talented and award-winning musicians who gave us a once-in-a-lifetime show! I don’t have enough words to describe how their music and performances lifted spirits, encouraged harmony and laughter, made us dance and sing a long, and brought awareness of the “TROP ROCK SOUND.” Lift your glasses and toast our new music family: Ricky Lamb and the Phin Addicts, Jonas Lorence Band, Tim Campbell and the Tropical Attitudes, Erica “Sunshine” Lee, Brad Brewer, Scott Nickerson, and Quentin Leverich! The members of each band were so talented and played alongside each other and everyone on stage. It all blended in the most unbelievable way! It was phenomenal! Loved it!

Okay, I have kept your attention long enough, but wanted to remind you just how good FFMF was and that I am counting on seeing you again next year, same weekend, and same place! In the words of our Leader, “Bubbles Up and Have Fun!” James Hicks (Bubba)


  1. Thank you for having me. You are all amazing!!!!
    I appreciate all the hard work you all did to make the event happen.

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