PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds 2019 Wrap Up Notes


Hello Parrot Heads! I hope your holiday season is going well and you have recovered from another PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds! The 28th Annual PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds “License to Chill” was very successful in many ways and it all seemed to go down in a few hours instead of days. Time does fly when you are having PHun…The beach in Key West was HOT… Abnormally hotter than normal by 10-20 degrees at times. You may have noticed there is a weather station on the roof of the main stage at the Casa Marina to monitor the weather on the beach and watch the wind speed for any danger to our crowd due to the roof used over the main stage. One day the “feels like temperature” was at 103 F! The average high temperature in Key West for October 31 is 82 F! We can’t control the thermostat on the beach but we can hopefully look forward to normal temperatures returning in 2020.
Sponsors, Attendees, and Volunteers. First I want to thank all of our sponsors and folks who registered to support PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds 2019 as you all pay the bills and we appreciate everyone of you! I also want to thank every volunteer that made the event happen whether you work every day on this event or just a few hours. You know who you are. Remember that you did make a difference to many and you supported this very special event.
Registration. We had a late registration surge as always and similar walk-up support to 2018 as there were many people excited to see all of our music for such a great value. We were told several times what a “bargain” the ticket prices were with people paying what they do for boat tours and theatre concerts around town.  I also know that we poured several thousand FREE Margaritaville Tequila margaritas and SOLD-OUT the priced-right Land Shark Lager supply in the Key West area by the end of Saturday! NO we did not run out of beer in Key West but we were selling some alternative brands at a few of the hotel bars by Saturday night. Just a hint to the local distributor…next year BRING A BIGGER TRUCK OF LAND SHARK! Parrot Heads LOVE THAT $3 LAND SHARK LAGER at events in Key West!
Success. We ended the year UP in registration AGAIN from the hurricane Irma year which also followed our 25th annual sold out event. There is a MOTM trend that says we see a dip in registration after a five -year anniversary sellout which we saw at MOTM during the 20th and 25th annual sell-outs. (Yes we keep records and have statistical information) In fact I am happy to say as I said at the Club Leaders Brunch that the 2019 registration number was up 18% from 2017.

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Everything you need to know about the Santa Crawl


A few things to know!

  1.  If you have not registered yet, there are two options,  register Friday, December 6th at the Parrot Head PHlocking (at the E-Club)  and it will cost you $15.  Register the day of the event Saturday December 7th (at the E-Club) and it will cost $20.  The on line registration option is closed.
  2.  Registration is from 12-1:30, if you have already registered, you can pick up your bag with instructions and goodies (and t-shirt if you ordered one) between 12 and 1:30.
  3.   There are a very limited number of sizes of shirts that will be available for purchase during the registration process.
  4.  You have from 2-6 to visit all 7 stops. This is not a race, so stay and eat, drink, talk and have fun but be back to the E-Club no later than 6:30 to turn in your card.
  5.  Hop on/ hop off bus will be available, look for the “bus stops” which will be marked.
  6.  Costumes are encouraged but not required and there will be prizes for the best ones. You won’t know who the judges are so be nice to everyone!
  7.   Be sure to read the card in your registration bag with instructions on what you will be doing on the Crawl and the rules that go with it.

Presidents Notes November 2019

Invest a second in reading these lyrics to a song by JB regarding giving thanks for life every day! You’ll love it. I think it describes the heart of a Parrot Head.

Bully in the playground Where am I gonna play
Found another playground Half a block away
Made a little song up Called a little rhyme
An Attitude of Gratitude will do it every time

An Attitude of Gratitude When stuff has got you down
Can get sastisfiatude and Turn yourself around
An Attitude of Gratitude Hooray for what’s o.k.
Say thank you with infactatude it’s a brand new day

Now daddy’s in the doghouse Mama’s up a tree
But I’ve got a bouefta looking after me
Made myself a sandwich A little P & J
An Attitude of Gratitude can chase the clouds away

An Attitude of Gratitude that’s what it’s all about
That No-hope-to-be-had-atude is sure to wear you out
An Attitude of Gratitude Hooray for what’s o.k.
Say thank you with a infactatude it’s a brand new day

Everything’s a dollar a dollar twenty-five
Haven’t got a dollar but I’m glad to be alive
I stole a look at Janey she stole a look at me
An Attitude of Gratitude is absolutely free
They say this is the showdown They say it’s us or them
They just can’t see that us and we are relatives and friends
I made a little song up put it on the charts
Says come on people everybody open up your heart

An Attitude of Gratitude when pushes come to shove
Eliminates combatatude and changes fear to love
An Attitude of Gratitude Hooray for what’s o.k.
Say thank you with a infactatude it’s a brand new day

Hope you have plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and over the coming year! See you soon! Jan H., President


Bring can goods and nonperishables to contribute to Storehouse Pantry, located in Morehead City, which provides much needed food to families in Carteret and neighboring counties! We’ll also be having a 50/50 for their cause! It’s that time of year to be thankful while we “Party with a Purpose” at the E-Club on Friday, November 1, 2019 beginning at 7 p.m.

President’s Notes October 2019


Here’s a challenge for all you Parrot Head PHriends. It’s easy, fun and a quick way to make it through the October, November and December, festivities! We all love this time of year, but it brings with it a lot of demands like parties, shopping, cooking (my least favorite), travel, etc. Try this out! Just smile, giggle, grin, chuckle and laugh as much as you possibly can! Take life and yourself less seriously and look on the bright side! Laugh at your mistakes, you can try again! Your smile is a powerful tool. It’s a gift we all possess to make ourselves and those around us happy! In fact, start today! Next time I see you, I’ll be grinning, and I’ll expect to see your smiling face looking back!

Got you smiling yet? We have many opportunities for you to try out this challenge beginning with the November 1 Phlocking, our building float workshops for the Christmas parade on Wednesdays and Sundays, our annual Christmas Party Phlocking on December 6 and the Santa Crawl on December 7! See our newsletter for details or visit us at Add to this challenge a “Party with a Purpose!” See you soon. Jan H. President.

2019 ISBC Event T-Shirts….Get Yours NOW!!

This year’s Island Santa Bar Crawl T-Shirts will be available for purchase online until November 10, 2019.  The t-shirt is green and white, long sleeved and made of soft cotton.  The price of the shirt is $15.  We will have a limited number of shirts available on the day of the event, but we are encouraging online orders to be sure that participants get their preferred size.  You can add your t-shirt to your order during online registration for the event.  Be sure to get yours now….Oh the Places You’ll Crawl!!