Ummm, that turkey sure was delicious, right? But, why do some of us feel obligated to try just a “little bite” of everything else on the table, the counter, the fridge, or grill? TRADITION! Even though the world is spinning around us with all kinds of news, good and bad, Thanksgiving reminds us to slow down and enjoy life and be grateful for every day. It’s a time to remember and enjoy the traditions of our past, even though some have left us, and to make new ones with the family and friends we love today!

The Emerald Isle Christmas Parade has been a TRADITION here for 19 years and the Emerald Isle Parrot Heads have loved being a part of it.  Weeks before the parade, we joined together to play, work, and build a float! We thank all who contributed to it! Betty Strader and Jean Jensen were our Big Birds in charge.  They pushed through it, never gave up, and with the help of their minions, a beautiful and elegant float emerged.  I was happy and proud to ride upon it in the parade and couldn’t believe the sea of people that came to see us and the other holiday-themed entries! Happy and thankful faces were everywhere! What a great TRADITION for ALL!

We’re not done yet! There are a few newer TRADITIONS coming up shortly from the Emerald Isle Parrot Head Club that benefit MAKE-A-WISH ENC!  The kick-off party starts Friday, December 2, at 7 pm at the Emerald Club.  On Saturday, December 3, beginning at 1 pm, the Island Santa Bar Crawl comes to us, full of spectacular foolery! Wait, you must also join us on Sunday for our FINAL TRADITION at 77 West, beginning at 12 noon to enjoy the BLOODY MARY CONTEST and THE LIVE ONLINE AUCTION! The details of these events can be found on our website and Facebook page! All Parrot Head events are open to the PUBLIC. We hope you will join our club and make one or all of these events a TRADITION of your own! Phins up Y’all! Jan H., Prez

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