Whassup With The Parrot Head PHlock?

Whassup With The Parrot Head PHlock?

So… does anyone remember cartoons with Mr. Peabody the dog and Sherman his boy (on the Rocky & Bullwinkle show), and most importantly the “Way, Way Back Machine” that could transport them back in time?  Well, we need to employ that time travel vehicle in this article so we’re firing it up to describe a couple of events that took place recently in the Parrot Head world that we promised to tell you about in last month’s article (Were you paying attention last month?).

First off, members and friends hopped onto a beautiful beach day to celebrate the slowing of the season and a reuniting of the locals after a busy tourist season with our yearly “The Coast is Clear Under the Pier Party”.  Michael & Mendy and the crew put together another great party with a purpose this year with around 75 rowdy folks hanging out with the sun, sand, and surf, chowing down on hot dogs, shrimp and other goodies, with games, laughter, and raffles for a herd of generously donated booty that ranged from a variety of gift certificates, T shirts, hats, etc. to a beautiful paddle board.  Our very own Mr. B.R. Browder was the proud winner of the paddle board (how many tickets did that boy buy??).  The best part of this party was the Purpose, as all funds raised went to this year’s two chosen charities: O.W.L.S. (Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter) and Island Cat Allies.  Thanks to donations from supportive local merchants and individuals we were able to raise $1486 that was split between the two charities.  Great stuff, people!!

We can’t forget the happenings at our regular PHirst PHriday PHlocking with folks getting an early start on Halloween showing up with costumes, a pass the pumpkin game, along with Eddie’s food courtesy of the E Club, other games, birthday celebrations, and lots of laughter and good friends just chillin’ and catching up.  Also had some Parrot Heads riding in the Coastal Federation’s Ride for the Coast event; a good time for a good cause, with no injuries to riding PHlock member feathers.  Another Saturday morning rolled around with a dozen Parrot Heads heading out to pick up our Adopt a Highway stretch of road from 24 to over the bridge.   Boy did that stretch need some T.L.C.; we picked up 33 bags of trash along with such questionable rubble finds as a truck tire, buckets, a car bumper, siding, a set of headlights, a child’s car seat (we never found the kid that might have been in it), 3 Lira, and of course the usual tonnage of plastic bags and styrofoam cups.  Obviously, don’t litter or tolerate litterbugs, but please make sure stuff doesn’t inadvertently blow out of the bed of your pick ‘em up trucks or car windows.  ‘Nuff said on that.  Parrot Heads also volunteered with the Town’s annual Triathlon helping out wherever it was needed.

The next undertaking on the horizon is the building of our PH float for the Town’s holiday parade after Thanksgiving.  We won first prize last year and are getting the creative juices flowing again to try for another 1st place, which will be a challenge with all the great entries.  Members have started gathering in a secret location (well really not that secret) to start assembly; always lots of laughter, creative work, and usually plenty of tasty food involved. Here’s a hint… think we’ll be calling it “The Flight Before Christmas”.  At any rate, it’ll be a sight to see and rest assured we’ll be tossing out a bunch of bling to the crowds with some good ol’ Jimmy Buffet tunes playing.

Oh yeah, certainly don’t forget to wish a Happy Birthday to those Parrot Heads who managed another trip around the sun this November:   Chuck Jacob, Rita “Cook the Books” Babich, Audie Tyrrell, Joe Quigley, Bobbi Raub, Deb Heverly, Lucy Gray, Leslie Dudley, Gale “Twins” Tutor, Dale “Twins” Tutor, Rick Demer, “Pretty Marj” Browder, Pat Thomas, Nick Klaus, Vickie King, Nancy “Bicycle” Johnston, Susan Fabian, Kathy “Early Bird” Ruge, Andrew Descary, Jim Rackenhauser, Jeffrey Sicular, Jake Mitchell, Sharon “Neighbor” Ambrose, Taylor Klutz, and Mike Creech.

Our membership is now bulging out daily into over 275 fun loving folks who believe in giving back to their communities and in a tropical lifestyle, so c’mon out and join us to “Party With a Purpose”.  Check out the website at emeraldisleparrotheads.com or just show up at one of our first Friday of the month PHlockings, 7:00 at The Emerald Club.  Meanwhile, to all y’all… be kind to those around you and the environment, and stay safe out there!  See you around Town.    Ken

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