June 2015 Phirst Phriday Phlocking & BB Poker Run update

IMG_20120601_192944May or may not get a full newsletter out before the PHlocking but wanted to make sure all of you know about the “theme” for the Friday PHlocking on June 5th.   It sounds like it will be a blast.  Details :

Yea man, our next phlocking is Friday, June the 5th.  The theme is Woodstock and the 60s.  Dudes and dudettes, here’s your opportunity to dress up in your favorite 60’s duds.

There will be games, dancing, and of course, a 50-50 raffle to benefit Martha’s MIssion Cupboard in Morehead City. We’re hanging a poster board so dig out an old photo of yourself or your parents from that magical era for all to enjoy and reminisce.  Maybe you were a look alike to a famous rock star.  Bring that photo too.

So brush up on the dance styles of that ” decade of change” and be ready to rock and roll.

Club and BBPR event t-shirts will be on sale from 7pm to 8pm when the games begin.

Feel FREE to bring along whatever you liked to munch on when you got the munchies.  Please, no brownies.

​​Your hosts Marsha Horner, Rita Babich and Gigi Linder

So with that said, I also wanted you to know we had 213 riders this year (219 last year) for the BBPR.   With the sponsor donations, raffle, registration and t-shirts along with a nice donation from our Club treasury, we will be sending Semper Fi Children’s Oddessy Camp a check for $7000.  Well done Parrot Heads!! In the newsletter we will have more details but a huge thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the event a success.   Special thanks to all the card sharks who worked the whole time!  Sue

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