Hello Parrot Heads! Fair warning! Meeting of the Minds 2017 registration closes in 29 days or when we sell out! Don’t get left out!

Hello Parrot Heads! Fair warning! Meeting of the Minds 2017 registration closes in 29 days or when we sell out! Don’t get left out! Register NOW!
Volunteer status and Meeting of the Minds            

I was sitting on the beach in Key West last night on vacation thinking about all the volunteers that work at Meeting of the Minds to make it the event that it is. Every day of the year I get updates via email and phone calls telling me about all the things that our hard working volunteers are doing to make this event happen. I constantly read about how the clubs of this great organization raise money that collectively amount to millions of dollars and millions of volunteer hours. This is an amazing community to be a part of and Meeting of the Minds is the event that celebrates our success as an organization. If you can make it to MOTM you should come on down and feel the spirit of this special group of people and musicians in 2017!
 If you want to volunteer for registration or any other duty email Rick Fyffe directly at rjfyffe1@ymail.com  Security is pretty well covered but we always want a few more people just to spread the duties out so everyone can enjoy the show. If you want to volunteer for security and you have already registered just email Jim Dellocono directly at yankscool@live.com If you have not already registered you can sign up online as you register. Not only do we have a crowd coming that are volunteers before they get here…YOU all volunteer and by registering YOU pay the bills to make MOTM happen. Thank you all. This event is yours and it will be awesome!
Upcoming MOTM Logistics and Communication
I want to let all of you know that as Labor Day approaches in LESS THAN A MONTH you will start seeing more emails about the 2017 MOTM Blood Drive, the Toy Drive, The Zonta Walk, and all kinds of things relating to MOTM 2017. The pace will accelerate in September as we approach registration close so please be patient. The email will come in early September with contact information to answer all your questions!
Registration Update for MOTM 2017 AND VIDEO!
NOTE: MOTM mail in registrations MUST be received by SEPTEMBER 1.
I am going to repeat…online registration closes in 29 days on September 15 or when we reach 3500 people. Don’t delay and get left out! Here is a video reminder from Howard Livingston in Key West!
Want a room at the Casa Marina?
Here is a heads up on Casa rooms. We just released a small batch of rooms. If you hurry you may be able to snag one of these for MOTM. Don’t delay. There are only a few! Here is the link to book online!
Booking Link – Please note, the entire URL must be copied and pasted for it to work properly.
Casa Marina Reservations? Please READ! THERE IS A 60 DAY CANCELLATION CUT-OFF!
Everyone who has a reservation at the Casa Marina has a 60 day cut-off to cancel a reservation without paying a one-night penalty for cancellation. If you have a reservation and need to cancel please do this prior to midnighton August 31! REMEMBER YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FOR MOTM TO STAY AT THE CASA MARINA. CREDENTIALS ARE REQUIRED FOR THE EVENT.
The Meeting of the Minds Entertainment Schedule for 2017
Some members of the Coral Reefer Band are coming to MOTM 2017! As I have told you in previous emails there are a few artists and special things that will be added to the schedule as we approach the event. I have some requests into some people to show up on the stage and put a smile on your face. Once they confirm and all the agreements are complete I will let you know if I can! Some of the cool artists out there like to surprise the crowd and I know I do… Remember this…Don’t miss a moment of MOTM 2017 at the Casa Marina.
Meeting of the Minds Discounts for PARROT HEADS!!!
Need a Rental Car for MOTM? Be sure to take advantage of your Budget Car Rental Discount! You can use this discount all year long! Just enter the code “X097865” also located on this page: http://www.phip.com/awards-discount-partners
Margaritaville Key West Discounts MOTM 2017
As a registered parrot head you need to wear your lanyard and credential downtown! You will get a 10% discount off all purchases in the Margaritaville store AND you get one free special parrot head drink at Margaritaville in the BAR! They will punch your credential and serve you a special parrot head drink during MOTM! It pays to register for MOTM!
Are you going to MOTM for the first time? Do you have questions? Do you want to share a room or a ride?  Well there is a new place for you to talk to the entire Parrot Head nation about MOTM. It is the online MOTM forum. Go join and check it out! This is a place for everyone to help each other, ask questions, and make the whole MOTM experience even better. Here is the link:
Until next time, I’ll see you, down the road…
Andrew Talbert
Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc.
PHiP Director of Conventions
Meeting of the Minds
Key West, Florida  “We’re Still Here'”

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