President’s Notes October 2021


We love the beach all year round, but there is really something special about it this time of year. We are grateful for the reduction of boat and car traffic and less wait lines. The mornings are cooler, the days are mostly warm, and the nights are better with the windows up. We’re surrounded by cookouts, festivals, fishing tournaments and charity walk/run events. There’s plenty to do outside and EIPHC is adding to the PHun this PHall!

We’ll be celebrating the “comeback” of the EI Christmas Parade on November 27, and will be putting together a float, gathering a bunch of parade participants and collecting candy for tossing. Next, comes our second annual fundraiser, fondly known as the Island Santa Bar Crawl. We are excited about several new and fun ways to enjoy the 2-day event on December 4 and December 5. So, PHluff up your PHeathers, get ready to PHlock, and we’ll see you at our November 5 PHlocking. Stay updated by visiting our website at PHINS UP YA’LL and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Jan H., President

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