President’s Notes November 2021


Represents Merry Christmas from the Island people in Hawaii. Did you know this song was made popular by Bing Crosby, the Andrew Sisters and Jimmy Buffett? Over time, Christmas songs are sung again and again, in the “new, old-fashioned way!” No matter what our age, when we hear them, we can’t help but sing along! Same thing happens with decorations! When we bring out the tree and hang our precious ornaments, we begin to remember past Christmases, filled with loved ones, lost and present, and are thankful.

In a world full of stress and anxiety, it’s time to search for things that help you celebrate the magic of Christmas. Whether its socially, spiritually, or just doing the unexpected, adjust your thoughts, appreciate what you do have, and go out and enjoy this holiday season! I know I am!

Hope to see you for the Santa Crawl for a weekend of phun benefiting Make-A-Wish, Eastern North Carolina, December 3 – 5. Visit our website or Facebook for additional info. This is a great way to MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY! Peace and Love Y’all! Jan H, President

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