President’s Notes July 2022

IT’S HOT, HOT, HOT! So, let’s learn from our pheathered phriends! Birds wear layers of pheathers year-round, and they don’t even sweat like us. Yet, they know how to play it cool. They greet the morning with singing! Later, they go somewhere cool like shady places to catch a breeze. They get wet often by finding water to play in as another way to cope with heat. They pant often!

If we pay attention and do what our pheathered phriends do, we too may stay cool! Wear cool clothing, drink lots of water and don’t be afraid of sweating (they can’t). Sing in the morning, stay cool in the afternoon, get in the shade, catch a breeze, take a shower, or jump in the pool/ocean, and “breathe in, breathe out, and stop panting!” I FEEL COOLER THINKING ABOUT IT!

You will become more tolerant of the outdoors. But, keep in mind, you should always come back inside before you get overheated. Outside is meant to be phun! Enjoy it when you can tolerate it! Be smart!

Speaking of phun outside, EIPHC has an array of events coming up for your enjoyment! Be sure to visit our website and the Emerald Isle Parrot Head Club Facebook page for updates. Can’t wait to see you at our next phlocking on August 5, which happens to be our 20th Anniversary Party!!! It’s a luau at the E-Club with special music from Capt. Dickey and the Lost Seamen and Brad Brewer, #1 Sax Player from Virginia Beach! Please join us. Phins up! Jan H. Prez

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