January 2021 Tradewind Times is now available



The latest edition of the PHIP quarterly newsletter, the Tradewind Times, is now on line to view.  Club leaders please share with your members.  This one has a lot of good information in it!
The new PHIP Board Members are introduced.  All the contest winners are identified: Golden Coconut Award, Membership Contest, Website Contest, Newsletter Contest, plus the PHIP Scholarship raffle winner.
There’s an update on the PHIP MOTM charitable donations made last fall, new MOTM co-chairs, dates and registration opening for 2021.

Or you can always find the newsletter on the PHIP website at https://www.phip.com/club then look to the left and scroll down to the Tradewind Times.

This is my last edition after eight years as editor.  It has been a labor of love for me, but time for someone new.  Stephen Woods, from Galveston is taking over and will have a new format for you next time.
Take care, stay safe, and hope to see you in Key West!
Sally Spenny
last time as Editor of the PHIP Tradewind Times
San Antonio PHC Dir of Communications

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